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    Biomaterial Industry in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2016/06/24

    Keyword:Biodegradable plastics;Biomaterials;Biotechnology;Chemicals

    Description:Biomaterial industry is growing rapidly in China. Biodegradable plastics are the major biomaterials that have been put into industrial production. As of 2015, there were mainly six types of biodegrada…

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    Market of Starch-based Plastics in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2016/01/05

    Keyword:Biomaterials;Biotechnology;Chemicals;Corn Products;Starch-based materials

    Description:This report introduces a kind of biomaterial, starch-based plastics. CCM mainly focuses on the China’s starch-based plastic industry from several aspects including global development, development in C…

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    2014 China Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) Report Edition(1)

    Latest update:2015/11/09


    Description:The report introduces a kind of bio-based polyester: polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), which is synthesized by microorganism. PHA has many advantages, such as degradability, biological compatibility, stabi…

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    Company Profiles of Thirty-six Chinese Agrochemical Manufacturers Edition(3)

    Latest update:2014/05/21

    Keyword:Agriculture;Crop Protection and Biotechnology;Crops/Farming/Woods;Glyphosate technical;Herbicides;Pesticides

    Description:As a giant agricultural producer, China is also the largest production base and exporter of agrochemicals in the world. In recent years, Chinese agrochemical manufacturers have showed a development mo…

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    Company Profiles of Thirty-one Chinese Crop Protection Manufacturers Edition(1)

    Latest update:2014/05/19

    Keyword:Agriculture;Crop Protection and Biotechnology;Crops/Farming/Woods;Herbicides;Pesticides

    Description:In recent years, the competition in the CP (Crop Protection) industry has been becoming increasingly intense in China, which is the largest production base and exporter of pesticides in the world at p…

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    Data report - Production and Market of Fructose Oligosaccharide (FOS) in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2012/09/06

    Keyword:Biomatrix;Biotechnology;Chemicals;Food and Feed (Products);Fructose Oligosaccharide;Sugar & Sweeteners

    Description:China’s FOS industry has seen a fast growth since 2008. As the important prebiotics, FOS producers benefit from the continuous price hike. Many producers have enlarged their capacity to chase the prod…

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    Outlook for Chinese Starch Industry 2012-2016 Edition(2)

    Latest update:2012/07/31

    Keyword:Biomatrix;Biotechnology;Chemicals and materials;Corn Products;Food and Feed (Ingredients);Food and Feed (Products);Food ingredients;Starch;Starches & Derivatives

    Description:With several decades of development, starch has been playing an essential role in industry, food, pharmaceuticals in the worldwide. Starch production worldwide is mainly concentrated in the US, China,…

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    Future of White Biotechnology in China Edition(3)

    Latest update:2011/05/26

    Keyword:Biotechnology;Chemicals;Chemicals and materials;Feed

    Description:White biotechnology (WB) industry, which is often referred to the third wave in biotechnology, is one of the most promising new approaches to pollution prevention, resource conservation, and cost redu…

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    Profiles of Key Starch Enterprises in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2011/03/01

    Keyword:Biomatrix;Biotechnology;Chemicals and materials;Corn Products;Food and Feed (Products);Starch

    Description:Starch, including native starch and modified starch, is close to people's life for its wide application in food, paper, textile, feed, oil exploration, etc. China is the second largest starch producer…

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    Starch Industry Hot Topics Edition(1)

    Latest update:2011/03/01

    Keyword:Biomatrix;Biotechnology;Chemicals and materials;Corn Products;Food and Feed (Products);Starch

    Description:Description of Chinese Starch Industry Hot Topics During 2009 to 2010, starch industry has witnessed some changes according to this report's research. Affected by decreasing yield and increasing dema…

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    Future of Red Biotechnology in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2010/04/01

    Keyword:Bio-pharmaceuticals;Biotechnology-related products;Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

    Description:Red biotechnology (RB) refers to the biotechnology applied in pharmaceutical production and it has become the most important part in biotechnology industry. About 60% of achievements in biotechnology …

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    Future of Green Biotechnology in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2009/10/01

    Keyword:China's GDP;Green biotechnology;Urbanization rate

    Description:This report is the unique and latest one available in the world to provide good understanding about Green Biotechnology (GB) in China and to find out business opportunities in this field. The first ed…

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    Future of White Biotechnology in China Edition(2)

    Latest update:2009/09/01

    Keyword:White biotechnology

    Description:Description of Future of White Biotechnology in China The first edition of this report was finished in April 2008, with 310 pages length in Word Form. The second edition, with content improved and mo…

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    Production and Market of Calcium Acetate in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2009/03/01

    Keyword:Acetates;Biomaterials;Biotechnology;Calcium acetate;Chemical

    Description:Inexpensive, calcium acetate was once a common starting material of acetone before the cumene process was developed. However, calcium acetate application has changed greatly and it is now mainly use…

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    The Future of White Biotechnology in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2008/04/01

    Keyword:Industrial biotechnology;White biotechnology

    Description:The future of white Biotechnology is attractive in China, and considerable progress in white biotechnology has been made in recent years. China’s production of many vitamins and polysaccharides produc…

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    Production & Market of Pentaerythritol in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2004/05/01

    Keyword:Agriculture;Crop Protection and Biotechnology;Fungicides;Herbicides;Insecticides;Pesticides

    Description:This report has discussed pentaerythritol industry in China from aspects of raw material supply, production, import & export, manufacturers, in an exhausting effort. The final conclusion is that China…