Strict Environmental Policies and Trade War

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    Webinar: Strict Environmental Policies and Trade War

    How China’s Pesticide Market is affected by the current Political Course


    Thursday, June 7

    17:00-17:30 (GMT+8)


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    About the webinar:

    Kcomber’s is hosting a free webinar about the impact of the environmental protection policies and the US-China Trade War on the pesticides industry in China. It will provide an overview on the current market situation. This will serve as a guideline for investments and give insights in the development in this huge industry in China.


    China has considerably increased environmental improvement measurements in recent years, written down in the state’s sustainable development strategy. The whole country is affected by constant inspections and forced production limitations, which is significantly reducing the supply of China’s manufacturers, especially the ones in heavily polluting industries, such as agrochemicals.


    China's environmental protection policies affect China's pesticide exports mainly in terms of export volume and export prices. Under the severe environmental protection policies, manufacturers of China's pesticide and its raw material are restricted in production. In the case of declining output, the domestic market has experienced a tight supply of pesticide, leading to the rising ex-works prices of pesticides and their main raw materials. So, export prices of pesticides have inevitably risen accordingly.


    In 2018, the previous environmental protection policies and measures will continue to affect China's pesticide industry. Two more policies and measures on environmental protection began to take effect. Therefore, the pressure on pesticide supply will be intensified, according to CCM’s analysis. It is expected that the output of China’s pesticide technical will continue to decline in 2018, falling below 2.8 million tonnes.


    In 2015–2017, the US ranked 1st amongst all glyphosate export destinations from China. The country is also the major market of Chinese glyphosate. Therefore, as the China-US trade war is heating up, many people are interested in whether it will bring about great impact on the sale of domestic glyphosate enterprises.

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