China’s Agrochemicals Industry

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    Date: 25th September 2013
    Beijing Time:
    (GMT +8) 17:00

    London Time: (GMT +0) 9:00

    Organizer: CCM

    China is a major producer and consumer of agrochemicals in the world. China’s agrochemicals industry has drawn more and more attention from global industry players. To reveal its current situation, CCM is going to hold a webinar on 25th September 2013, which will focus on five segments, namely top 10 enterprises, new AIs, output data, influencing factors and future trends.


    Through the webinar, audiences can find top 10 manufacturers in China’s pesticide industry in 2012. The relevant information includes these companies’ sales value and their key products. In addition, we will address a summary of the commercialization situation of five new AIs, namely flumorph, metalaxyl, profenofos, SYP-7017 and cycloxaprid. How are these five AIs being commercialized? In the webinar, you can find the answer. 


    The historical output data of China’s pesticides during 1994–2012 will be presented too. We have summarized the historical data basing on the statistics sourced from the National Bureau of Statistics of China, aiming to help audiences understand China’s pesticides market development process and its competitiveness changes over the past decades.


    We will also share our findings and analysis on the influencing factors, including relevant government policies, environmental protection, social environment and economic technology. Some of them are expected to drive the development of China’s agrochemicals industry, while some are deemed as obstacles that will hinder its development. Among these factors, the government policies, which mainly include industrial policies for the pesticide industry, pesticides manufacturer approval policies, pesticide registration administration policies, etc., will be highlighted.

    Registration of the webinar is available now and is free of charge


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