CCM: Analysis on China’s TiO2 industry in 2016 01-26-2017

In the year 2016, China’s titanium dioxide industry experienced enormous price rises and high demand. The year was a large rebound from the quite depressive year 2015. CCM has analysed the main factors for the booming of China’s TiO2 industry.

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China’s TiO2 industry showed many and large price increases throughout the year 2016. This trend was quite the opposite of the overall depressed market situation in 2015. The last price rise in 2016 was quoted by the Henan Billions, the company that merged with Sichuan Lomon earlier the year. The enterprise raised the prices of all products for its overseas clients as well as for domestic demand on December 6.


The price increase took place many times during the year, which led to a recovering of China’s TiO2 industry after 2015, resulting in high profits and in greater output in 2016. However, not only the Tio2 price showed a large price boost in that year, but also many of the raw materials for TiO2, which actually kept the profits of Chinese producers in some limits. CCM states the profits of two of the most important TiO2 manufacturer in China with USD10.22 million by Henan Billion in H1, 2016 and USD0.58 million by Anhui Annada Titanium Industry.


According to CCM, the main reasons for the strong rise of the TiO2 industry in China can be found in high overseas demand and market manipulation by some manufacturers.


The overseas demand for Chinese TiO2 and the resulting export value rose up 17.30% in November 2016, compared to the year before. Looking at the monthly output of China’s TiO2 industry with about 200,000 tonnes, the export share of the production reaches almost a third of all products. This strong export orientation is a good base for manufacturers to keep pushing their prices.


The main downstream industry for TiO2 products is the coating industry. Therefore, the boom of the TiO2 industry is inevitably bound to the performance of this industry, accountable for the highest demand of TiO2. As a fact, the real estate industry in China was able to increase their sales by 25.5% from January to August 2016. Following the growth of China’s real estate industry, the related coating industry was also able to see a year on year rise of 6.92% from January to July 2016. Hence, the fast-growing real estate industry is driving the coating industry, which is the main demander of TiO2 and leads to the good results if the business.


 At last, some of China’s suppliers have manipulated the market, according to CCM. One of the common measures was to limit the production with no need to artificially shorten the supply and raise the prices. This behaviour of Chinese manufacturers reveals, that there is still need to improve some regulations in China’s market, to reduce the bargain space to some extend between agents and large customers.


What’s more, the high prices are likely to continue in 2017, due to the environmental inspections in China and the resulting short supply of TiO2. It is even possible, that some minor companies have to shut down their production completely in the future because they are not able to implement expensive waste disposal preventing or cleaning solutions.


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