Fujian Shengnong Group’s and their new invention of collecting Chicken Manure: 01-29-2020

Fujian Sunner Development Limited Liability is Asia’s largest breeder, processor, and supplier of chicken products, providing fresh and frozen chicken for the worldwide fast food industry, food manufacturers and wholesale meat markets. The company has specialized in the production of white chicken for more than 30 years and has the capability to process over 500 million birds annually. On November 4th, 2019, Fujian Shengsheng New Energy Co. Ltd, a national high-tech enterprise under Shengnong Group was authorized by the national invention patents,” a method for collecting sandblasting dust from chicken manure broilers. The method uses a sand-blasting method to clean the surface of the water-cooled walled heating surface tube, and collect the dust generated during the process by negative pressure, which can eliminate the environmental pollution caused by dust during sand-blasting. The process can be used even when the unit is out of service, or it can be used when multiple boilers are running.

The benefit of this Innovation to Chinese poultry Industry:

For the poultry industry, waste such as chicken manure, chaff, and feathers is the main environmental protection targets in the production process. Considering the national trend of creating a low carbon economy, a green economy and increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements farmers and companies must consider how to use waste effectively. By considering the new technologies Chinese farmers and poultry giants can enjoy following benefits in the market.

  • The chicken manure is rich in organic components after combustion treatment. These organic components can be utilized as organic fertilizer to release a green recycling system of resources.
  • Chicken manure power generation belongs to renewable energy generation, which can be utilized by the farms to reduce carbon dioxide emission and save energy.
  • Utilizing this innovative technique of waste management farms and enterprises can avoid polluting the environment and reduce the discomfort caused by the smell of the manure.
  • Such technology can promote health poultry in the country, expand production according to the market demand and gain extra profits through energy generation.

The green economy is changing the traditional industry models around the world and in China too. Therefore, adapting and promoting green development has become an inevitable choice for Chinese companies to peruse sustainable development and the evergreen foundation. 


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