China's barred import of five batches of Nutrilon infant milk formula in October 01-06-2023

The Chinese General Administration of Customs released information in October 2022 on unqualified imported food and cosmetics discovered during its port supervision process. The safety and sanitation levels for the imported foods and cosmetics were below the legal standard, and as a result, these products were barred from import into China. Nutrilon infant milk powder was one of these unqualified products.


The substandard Nutrilon milk products were imported from the Netherlands by Chongqing Xinshida Technology Co., Ltd. These products included Nutrilon Infant Milk Stage 4 Baby Formula 800g, Nutrilon Infant Milk Stage 5 Baby Formula 800g, Nutrilon Platinum Edition Infant Milk Stage 2 Baby Formula 800g, and Nutrilon Pepti Edition Infant Milk Stage 2 Baby Formula 800g. Certain contents of these substandard products, such as copper, vitamin D, protein, and iron, did not meet the national regulatory requirements of China. The General Administration of Customs of China pointed out in its announcement that the listed foods that were barred from import did not meet the national food safety standards or the requirements of relevant laws and regulations during the import inspection, and all of them have been returned or destroyed according to law.


China frequently blocks milk powder imports, including Arla and Bioshine products 

In fact, many imported milk powder products have been tested frequently and have not met national standards during recent years in China.  For example, in the first half of 2022, the controlled food additive vanillin was detected in Arla Baby & Me Ready to Drink 0-6 Months infant milk powder, sold by Shandong Weifang Baoduoduo Maternal and Infant Products Co., Ltd., Chuangye Street Branch, imported by Shanghai Pudong New Area Duomeizi Infant Food Co., Ltd, produced by Arla Foods amba AKAFA in Denmark on September 29, 2020 and expired on September 29, 2023, as the content of vanillin in this product failed to meet Chinese food safety standards.


Vanillin was also detected in Bioshine infant formula goat milk powder, sold by Bioshine (Hunan) Dairy Co., Ltd. The measured value of vanillin was 940.6 μg/kg, which exceeds the amount permitted by national food safety standards in China. As a result, over 36,000 cans of Bioshine Stage 1 0-6 Months Infant Formula Goat Milk Powder, valued at RMB 1.2 million, were confiscated by Changsha Market Supervision Administration, and an additional fine of RMB 5.8 million was imposed on Bioshine. In total, the company was fined almost RMB 7 million.


Bioshine’s official website shows that as the Chinese branch of NIG Nutritionals Ltd, the company is fully responsible for the sale, promotion and after-sale service of Bioshine milk powder and other series of products in the Asia-Pacific region. The company also assists the New Zealand headquarters of NIG Nutritionals Ltd. and other related businesses in the Asia-Pacific region.


China’s import blocks due to tightening regulations on infant nutritional products

An industry representative told reporters that some milk powder brands may not meet national regulations, because some imported milk powder is still following old standards and old formulas. With the introduction of a new national standard for milk powder, imported milk powder companies also need to develop new formulas in line with these new standards. At present, differences exist in the formulas of milk powder in various countries. The main reason for the differences is not due to different nutritional needs of infants, but rather due to the different practices regarding nutritional additives in different countries.


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