China approves import of feed-grade dairy products from France 06-01-2023

According to a recent official announcement of China's General Administration of Customs, based on the relevant laws of China and regulations for quarantine and hygienic requirements of French feed dairy products exported to China between the General Administration of Customs of China and Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood, and Forestry of France, from now on, imports of French dairy products that meet the relevant requirements will be allowed into China.

The approved imported dairy products include feed grade raw milk or animal feed products made from dairy by-products (whey, buttermilk, skim milk, colostrum, etc.) that contain vegetable ingredients, vitamin premixes, probiotics and other ingredients approved for use by the Chinese and French laws, as well as dairy feed products made from raw milk or dairy by-products that do not contain the above raw and auxiliary ingredients.

French dairy exports to China will meet high quality standards

French production enterprises exporting feed grade dairy products to China must meet the following conditions. First, the enterprises should meet the requirements of the relevant feed hygiene and veterinary hygiene regulations of China and France. Second, the enterprises should obtain official approval from France and produce under official supervision, and products should be allowed to be sold freely in France. Third, products from these enterprises should be manufactured under safety and health quality control programs such as HACCP, and products accredited by a certificate authority which is recognized by the French laws. Last, the products should be recommended by Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood, and Forestry of France and obtain an official registration from China.

During the time when Emmanuel Macron, French president, visited China from April 5 to 7, a number of French agricultural and food companies reached an agreement with China, among which pork and dairy industries benefited the most.

France and China aim to further cooperation in dairy, beef, and wine industries

According to a joint declaration between China and France, China and France wish to strengthen partnerships in agriculture, agro-food, veterinary medicine and crop disease detection. Furthermore, the countries with to guarantee market access to pork products, kiwi fruit, and feed-grade dairy products. By the joint declaration, fifteen pork exporting enterprises from China will be allowed to register in China. The competent authorities of the two countries will respond as soon as possible for future registration requests for meat and aquatic product export enterprises and applications for infant milk formula registration, as well as market opening requests from the respective departments of both countries.

The two countries will continue to exchange and cooperate in the beef and wine industries. France will support China's application to join the International Organization of Vine and Wine as soon as possible, and will support China's holding of the International Conference of the Vine and Wine Industry.

The president of Inaporc, a French pork corporation, states that the approval of 15 French pork export enterprises in China will improve the development of relevant industries, as China is the largest customer of French pork outside the EU. In 2022, France's pork exports to China reached 326 million euros, accounting for 28% of total exports.


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