BBCA Biochemical to produce 200,000t per year of glucose from starch slurry 08-09-2023

Summary: BBCA Biochemical plans to make 200,000 t/a of glucose from starch slurry supplied by BBCA Group. The EI report of this project was publicised in July before getting approval.

Anhui BBCA Biochemical Co., Ltd. (BBCA Biochemical) launched a project to produce glucose solutions from starch slurry. On 6 July, the environmental impact (EI) report of this project was made public before getting approval.


Project overview:

  • Construction nature: New construction
  • Location: Guzhen Economic Development Zone, Bengbu City, Anhui Province
  • Total investment: USD16.63 million (RMB120 million), of which USD166,304 (RMB1.2 million) for environmental protection, accounting for 0.99%
  • Site area: 6,704 m2
  • Construction content: To rent the idle factory and open spaces of China BBCA Group Corp. (BBCA Group), the parent company of BBCA Biochemical, where facilities for liquefaction, saccharification and other processes, utilities and supporting facilities will be built.
  • Product scheme: 400,000 t/a of glucose solutions (200,000 t/a on a dry basis)
  • Consumption of main raw material: 187,000 t/a of starch slurry on a dry basis, which is produced in BBCA Group's 600,000 t/a starch-based sugar project.
  • Labour quota: 32 employees
  • Working system: Three 8h shifts per 24h workday, totalling 300 working days a year

The glucose will be used to produce lactic acid which can be further processed into bio-based polylactic acid (PLA).


Besides BBCA Biochemical, other subsidiaries of BBCA Group such as Anhui Tiger Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Tiger Biotechnology) and Anhui Tiger Vitamin Industrial Co., Ltd. are also in this factory area.

Other projects in this factory area

BBCA Group's 600,000 t/a starch-based sugar project. This project is planned to be built over two phases with an investment of USD95.21 million (RMB687 million).

  • Phase I is planned to build a 300,000 t/a starch-based sugar production line and produce 28,620 t/a of germ, 15,448.5 t/a of gluten meal, 102,135.5 t/a dry starch, 74,512.5 t/a of fibre feed, 190,000 t/a of starch slurry and 100,000 t/a of sorbitol. The starch slurry is delivered to BBCA Biochemical for glucose production. The production of 100,000 t/a of sorbitol consumes 100,000 tonnes of purchased glucose a year.
  • Phase II is planned to build a 300,000 t/a starch-based sugar line and produce 28,620 t/a of germ, 15,448.5 t/a of gluten meal, 21,870.8 t/a of dry starch, 74,512.5 t/a of fibre feed, 100,000 t/a of modified starch, 100,000 t/a of crystalline glucose and 100,000 t/a of maltodextrin.
  • The first phase of this project was completed and passed the environmental protection self-inspection and acceptance in Dec. 2018 and has been in production since then.


    Tiger Biotechnology's 25,000 t/a recycled lactic acid project (Phase I). This is an expansion and retrofitting project. Phase I, with an investment of USD3.90 million (RMB28.13 million) including USD0.29 million (RMB2.07 million) for environmental protection, is designed to produce 12,500 t/a of 95% lactic acid using 14,498 t/a of lactic acid oligomer supplied by BBCA Biochemical or Anhui BBCA Biochemical & Futerro PLA Co., Ltd. On 10 April, 2023, Phase I passed the environmental protection inspection and acceptance.


    BBCA Biochemical's 300,000 t/a amino acid products technology upgrading project (monosodium glutamate (MSG)). This project is to upgrade the 300,000 t/a amino acid products project which has only completed the first phase with annual output of 36,000 t/a of 98.5% lysine hydrochloride and 64,000 t/a of 70% lysine hydrochloride. It is planned to upgrade some existing facilities for the production of the 300,000 t/a amino acid products project and add some new equipment to produce MSG. Once completed, 60,000 tonnes of MSG and 40,000 tonnes of lysine will be produced every year. The introduction and environmental impact assessment information of this upgrading project was made public on 12 May, 2023.


More information can be found at CCM Corn Products China Monthly Report.

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