Inner Mongolia Kingdomway to produce allulose and inositol 09-07-2023

Summary: In Sept., the EI report of Inner Mongolia Kingdomway's allulose and inositol project was made public.

On 5 Sept., the environmental impact (EI) report of Inner Mongolia Kingdomway Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Inner Mongolia Kingdomway)'s allulose and inositol project was accepted and publicised by the Hohhot Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau for public comment.


Allulose has widespread applications in various new products, as it significantly reduces glucose and insulin levels, increases liver glycogen and insulin sensitivity and also has the potential to treat nerve tissue degeneration and atherosclerosis.


Inositol is widely used in the production of multivitamin preparations. It is used to treat many diseases such as liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, angiosclerosis, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes and carbon tetrachloride poisoning, and can promote cell growth and slow ageing. As a pharmaceutical intermediate, inositol can be used to synthesise inositol nicotinate, inositol selenate and other drugs for the treatment of hypercholesterol, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, cancer and so on.


Mongolia Kingdomway decided to launch this project as allulose and inositol have a lot of benefits and this project can help it seize the market opportunity, rapidly increase its market share, make good use of its land resources, boost its future growth and meet the domestic and international demand.

Project overview:

  • Construction nature: Expansion and retrofitting
  • Location: Inner Mongolia Kingdomway's factory, Togtoh Industrial Park, Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
  • Site area: 6,240 m2
  • Total investment: USD74.74 million (RMB536.55 million), of which USD3.56 million (RMB25.54 million) for environmental protection, accounting for 4.76%
  • Construction content:
  • Carry out the fermentation process in the newly-built fermentation workshop;
  • Dismantle the idle complex building and office building;
  • Build allulose and inositol refining workshop, environmental protection facilities, utilities and supporting facilities.
  • Product scheme:
  • Allulose (30,000 t/a)
  • Inositol (5,000 t/a)
  • Labour quota: 350 employees
  • Working system: Three 8h shifts per 24h workday, totalling 330 working days a year

Inner Mongolia Kingdomway was established in March 2004. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiamen Kingdomway Group Co., Ltd. (Kingdomway) (stock code: 002626). Inner Mongolia Kingdomway is now producing 620 t/a of coenzyme Q10, 160 t/a of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), 60 t/a of arachidonic acid (ARA), 100 t/a of vitamin K2, 500 t/a of coenzyme, 200 t/a of sodium hyaluronate and other high-tech products.

Besides, Inner Mongolia Kingdomway is also working on another project. After the EI report was approved in March 2023, it started the construction of the project which is planned to produce 100 t/a of ademetionine, 100 t/a of glutathione, 50 t/a phosphatidylserine, 5 t/a of pyrroloquinoline quinone and 5 t/a of nattokinase.


More information can be found at CCM Sweeteners China Monthly Report.

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