Titanium Dioxide White Paper

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In China, most titanium dioxide manufacturers have only acquired sulphate process to produce titanium dioxide, which is of low profit and causes serious pollution. On the contrary, the environmentally friendly chloride process has been widely used by many international leading titanium dioxide enterprises and helps produce high-quality products. DowDuPont, Cristal and Tronox have developed cutting-edge technologies but never transfer their core technologies to any other countries, including China. Furthermore, Chinese titanium dioxide companies and DowDuPont were involved in a technological property right dispute during 2013 and 2014; therefore, the former lost the chance to introduce production method from the latter. However, Yunnan Metallurgical Xinli Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. launched the first titanium dioxide project by chloride process (60,000 t/a) in China in 2014. This shows domestic manufacturers' efforts to overcome technological barrier, to expand to high-end market and to protect environment.

Government policies on China's titanium dioxide industry are to encourage the development of chloride process for titanium dioxide production while rein in sulphate process capacity expansion conditionally. Therefore, several rules and regulations will be issued to level up standards for sulphate process projects. In this way, both product quality and market order of China’s titanium dioxide industry will be improved, ensuring a promising future for domestic manufacturers.

As economy of North America recovered, demand for titanium dioxide from this region increased in 2014, boosting import volume from China up to 608,588 tonnes, up by 35.39% year on year. In this context, Chinese titanium dioxide manufacturers raise export prices and sold most of their inventories, achieving great profits. In the future, demand from the Asia-Pacific Region, which is expected to surge, will benefit the whole titanium dioxide industry.

Background: China has become one of the largest producers and consumers of titanium dioxide in the world. Domestic titanium dioxide industry has been prosperous in the last decade, with a total output reaching 1.99 million tonnes in 2013. Product quality, production technology and competitiveness of domestic manufacturers have also been significantly upgraded. However, this industry still faces bottle necks, including overcapacity, imbalanced industrial structure and backward innovative ability. In order to solve these problems, companies have increased investment on R&D and merged with each other. Once all these difficulties being overcome, the titanium dioxide industry will further grow.

Major contents: Analysis of the entire titanium dioxide industry chain is included in this report, divided into three parts—upstream industries, the titanium dioxide industry (both rutile and anatase) and downstream businesses. In the report, a great number of tables and charts are provided to present China’s output, imports and exports of titanium dioxide. Downstream industries and their titanium dioxide consumption are also stated clear in the last part of this report to give a full view of China’s titanium dioxide industry.

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