Merger and Acquisition Case Analysis of Listed Seed Companies in China

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In recent years, China's seed industry is getting more and more attention, but there is still a large gap between China and other developed countries. Multinational companies drive the M&A of seed industry. To conduct M&A is urgent for China’s seed companies to integrate their resources and promote their development. Winall Hi-tech Seed Co., Ltd. (Winall Hi-tech) has become bigger and stronger by acquiring some other companies such as Liaoning Tieyan Seed Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which contributed much capital to Winall Hi-tech. From the M&A case analysis of Winall Hi-tech, there are some characteristics of M&A such as to expand regional influences by M&A and some experiences gained from this M&A which the management ideas between the parties of M&A reach a common understanding. In 2012–2014, Winall Hi-tech's revenue and net profit kept increasing. It is forecasted that M&A will increase in the future.

Furthermore, Zhongnongfa Seed Industry Group Co., Ltd. (Zhongnongfa Seed) acquired several companies during 2011–2014. That promoted its development in the seed industry and integrated its resources. In 2013–2014, Zhongnongfa Seed's revenue and net profit kept increasing, but its share of main subsidiaries in Zhongnongfa Seed dropped rapidly at the same time.

Nevertheless, it's wise to note that M&A risks still exist in these two companies, such as management risk between the company and the acquired one, including integration of mechanism, system of control and company culture. If risk control is improper, the company may suffer loss.

This report gives detailed case analysis of merger and acquisition of listed seed companies in China, including:

- To give profiles of Winall Hi-tech Seed Co., Ltd. (Winall Hi-tech) and Zhongnongfa Seed Industry Group Co., Ltd. (Zhongnongfa Seed);

- To describe the M&A process of Winall Hi-tech and Zhongnongfa Seed;

- To analysis the characteristics, experiences and risks of M&A;

- To analysis the effect of M&A of Winall Hi-tech and Zhongnongfa Seed, including financial and product structure situation.

Key Questions Answered in this Report

- What's the current M&A situation for China seed industry and what will the future situation?

- What is the underlying trend driving change in the industry?

- Who are the key vendors in China seed industry?

- What are the market opportunities brought by M&A cases?

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