Producing food for 1.4 billion people – Opportunities to invest in China’s feed market

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    Rising meat consumption coupled with growing demand for milk and dairy products is driving Chinese animal feed market. In this context, the country’s animal feed market continues to be highly dependent on the prices of raw materials such as wheat, corn and soybean.

    Furthermore, China's livestock industry has expanded rapidly in recent years as diets shift toward more animal proteins. China is now the world's largest producer of livestock products and the largest manufacturer of animal feed.

    As people are paying more and more attention to food safety, feed probiotics have been widely used as feed additives because they are safe, effective, and environment-friendly without drug resistance, toxicity and residue, and may gradually replace antibiotics.

    China still has some difficulties such as the lack of technical and experimental conditions and the incompatibility of probiotics with other drugs in feed, which have slowed down the development of feed probiotics.

    With the supportive policies and demand from downstream market, China's feed industry is on the upward trend. Especially the prospect of feed probiotics industry is very promising. Due to comprehensive factors, the feed probiotics industry in China will develop steadily at a low speed in the next few years.

    CCM analyses the development of China’s feed industry in this free webinar, focusing mainly on feed additives like amino acids, vitamins, and other minerals. Be prepared for China’s growing hunger and get the guidelines for sustainable investment with CCM:

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    Producing food for 1.4 billion people – Opportunities to invest in China’s feed market

    A guideline for feed and feed additives producers, traders, as well as investment companies


    Time:  TuesdayFebruary 132018


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