Products' Introduction


CCM’s Newsletters provide you with real-time intelligence on your target markets in China, including: 
* Breaking News 
* Latest Market Data 
* In-Depth Analysis 
* Expert Commentary from Industry Insiders.

Industrial Report

Industrial Report service gathers and integrates information relating to more than 10 sub-industries to form systematic and professional research results, which is updated regularly according to our annual plan. It provides you with:

*Market Entry
*Company Research
*Impact Assessment

Content Byte

Content bytes are continually generated and updated throughout CCM’s research projects. All products of CCM are composed of content bytes. Content Byte can be text, a table, a figure, a pie chart, a line chart, a histogram, a bar chart, etc.

* In-depth Market Reports
* Market Publication
* Newsletters
* Price Monitoring
* Import and Export Analysis
* Other Researches or Consulting Service

Snap Shot I/E Report

Snap Shot I/E Report gives a snap shot of the import/export situation of the target products, which can be taken as the summary data of detailed I/E report.

Detailed I/E Report

It offers detailed import/export data of target products including each trade record, traders & manufacturers, corresponding price and volume. Maps the relationship between traders and manufacturers and indicates the traders’ sale markets.

Market Data

Market data provides you with the accurate numbers in the target industry, including the data of:

* Industrial Productions
* Price
* Consumptions
* Manufacturing Cost
* Others