Chinese enterprises' survival amid China's economic and industry reshuffle and upgrade

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    In 2010, the output of the manufacturing industry in China covers 19.8% of the world, making China the second largest manufacturing country in the world. However, the manufacturing industry in China is now facing a lack of reliable independent research and development capability and a lack of independent brand marketing, etc. What reform and upgrade is China's economy undergoing? What conditions are traditional companies suffering from and what changes are they going to make?

    Based on CCM's Company Profile service, the questions above can be answered. Company Profile service provides different types of company profiles: basic information, enterprises by product, Company Profile in a product or industry report, financial analysis, benchmarking, export analysis, strategy analysis, and competitiveness analysis.

    Key points of the Webinar:
    • Overview of China's economic reform and upgrade trends
    • Gain information about the situation of competitors
    • Adjust your strategy using our company profile service
    About Company Profile :
    As demands from customers increase, their interests are not limited to a general overview of the industry as a whole, but also on specific details about specific companies. Based on customer demand, CCM reorganized the company-related resources we had accumulated before and reproduced it in a new way according to this new customer demand. 

    In CCM's previous studies, companies always play a significant role in the study, allowing us to accumulate masses of company data which is valuable and able to meet this new customer demand. At the same time, CCM also studied a number of benchmark enterprises and developed some research methodologies which are of increasing significance for further construction and expansion.


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