CCM-China rail in the 13th five-year plan: over 2.8 trillion RMB investment and 23 thousand km construction in prospect 12-08-2015

 The rail Investment is likely to keep on increasing. It is reported that the 13th Five-year Plan has finished its railway part. There will be no less than 23 thousand kilometers railways built during the period of the 13th five-year plan and a total of 2.8 thousand billion RMB will be put into railway building. The total investment would surpass 2.8 thousand billion RMB a lot if regional investment is included.




Some insiders stated that the future focus of railway building would be on the mid-west regions and inter-cities; they will receive great support in railway construction from central and local governments.


The 12th five-year plan witnessed a continuous rise of investment in Chinas railway. Fixed investment for railway increased year by year, from 580 billion RMB in 2011 to 800 billion RMB in 2014, reaching a compound growth rate of 11.32%. In 2015, 800 billion RMB has been put into railroad, making the sum of investment 3.47 thousand billion RMB; this figure is way ahead of the planned 2.8 thousand billion RMB, even more than the adjusted 3.3 thousand billion RMB in 2013.


The investment features the plans published by local governments in succession in H2 2015. Hebei Province aims at developing the railways in both inner city and inter-city eagerly; it would speed up express railways building like Jing Tang, Jing Heng and Shi Ji etc., and actively blueprint light rails of Tong Zhou to Yan Jiao, Yi Zhuang to Lang Fang, Fangshan to Zhuozhou and Daxing to Guan.


The Development and Reform Commission of Hebei lately initiated the Notice on Accelerating Inter-city Railroad Building to identify rail transit the major mission in Hebeis infrastructure construction in the 13th five-year plan and set development fund for Hebei inter-city rail, creating new mode for construction and operation.


Shaanxi wants to invest approximately 250 billion RMB to improve transport network, trying to construct the 4,600 kilometers railway and to reach 7,000 kilometers operation mileage.


It will hasten its passenger lines construction like Baotou to Xian, Xian to Chengdu/Yinchuan/Wuhan/Chongqing/Nanjing etc. Express network will also be improved by realizing all-city included express rail and radiating connection from Xian to 8 neighbor capitals high-speed rails.


Besides, Fujian is planning to invest 160 billion to construct a new railway of 1,374 kilometers, which will surpass the totally kilometers of railway in the whole province.


Beijing plans to construct 800 kmsuburb railway, over900 kmurban rails and1300 kmfro Jing-Jin-Ji inter-city rail.

The sources indicate that the central government will further its financial support to transport infrastructure within budget, focusing on Midwest rails and inter-city rails. Local finances will also incline to inter-city rails and urban rail transit etc.


With exports of mature high-speed railway technology and the boost of B&R Initiative, the high-speed rails in pan-Asia, Eurasia and central Asia areas will become the key points of China high-speed rail whole-industry chain export.


At present the pan-Asia and Eurasia rails have already started their domestic parts. Rail industry will enjoy the investment feasts during the thirteenth five-year period.


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