CCM - 24.94 percent fall in imports of methionine to China, Oct. 2015 12-29-2015

China’s import volume of methionine was declined by 24.94% MoM in Oct. 2015. The average import price hit a record low in this yearaccording to CCM .


According to China Customs, the import data of methionine (HS code: 29304000) in Oct. 2015:

  • Import volume: 11,959.72 tonnes, down by 24.94% MoM
  • Import value: USD39.37 million, down by 36.82% MoM
  • Average import price: USD3,291.50/t, much lower than USD3,91 0.02/t in Sept.

The import price kept falling, but the import volume didn't increase subsequently. CCM analyzed that as traditional peak season of farming industry ended, weak demand from downstream markets affected methionine price. In Oct., the market price of methionine was falling for 6 consecutive months.


In Oct., the imported methionine came from 6 origins. The imports from France saw the highest MoM growth, and the imports from Germany witnessed the highest MoM fall. China didn’t import from the US and Croatia. In Sept., the import volume from the mentioned two origins reached 800.04 tonnes (the US) and 46.60 tonnes (Croatia).


Import origins for China's methionine, Oct. 2015


Volume in Oct, tonne

Volume in Sept, tonne

MoM change

























Source: China Customs



  • Evonik Degussa (China) Co., Ltd.: 6,820 tonnes
  • CJ (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.: 2,669 tonnes
  • Adisseo Life Sciences Product (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.: 1,400 tonnes

These three ones imported 11,529 tonnes, accounting for 91.05% of the total imports. Among the importers, Evonik Degussa (China) Co., Ltd. recorded the largest decline, a MoM fall of 2,067 tonnes.


The top 6 import ports for methionine in China were as follow: 4,315.00 tonnes in Qingdao port, 2,865.00 tonnes in Huangpu port, 1,220.00 tonnes in Shenyang port, 916.22 tonnes in Shanghai port, 840.00 tonnes in Tianjin port and 680.00 tonnes in Dalian port.

Import trend of China's methionine, Jan. 2014-Oct. 2015

Source: China Customs


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