Liaoning's Fuxin promoting fluorochemical industry transformation and upgrading 01-15-2016

In December 2015, Fuxin City, Liaoning Province launched the implementation plan about scientific and technological innovation-driven developmenreported CCM. It will mainly develop the fluorochemical industry and meanwhile make breakthroughs in various advanced technologies. This not only complies with the general guideline of the 13th Five-year Plan - to thoroughly implement the strategy of scientific and technological innovation-driven development and to build new industry system, but also sets an example to other fluorochemical industry clusters in China.


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On 7 Dec., 2015, the People’s Government of Fuxin City (Liaoning Province) released the Implementation Plan about Scientific and Technological Innovation Driven Development. The city will accelerate the construction of its independent innovation system and make scientific and technological innovation the drive to adjust, transform and upgrade its industry structure.

The city has specific plans that by 2020:
- To invest USD125.05 million (RMB800 million) into R&D
- To develop 10 technologies and products that are leading at home and advanced abroad
- Sales from high-tech business to take up over 20% of the total industrial sales
- Contribution rate of scientific and technological progress to the economy growth to reach 60%

Particularly, it will develop the fluorochemical industry, extend the industry chain to premium level, and make breakthroughs in the core and cutting-edge technology, advanced technology and key technology for industrialised application. Specifically, it will enhance the R&D of new and high value-added fluorochemicals by relying on the local leading enterprises such as Kingchem (Liaoning) Chemical Co., Ltd., Fuxin Hengtong Fluorine Chemicals Co., Ltd., Liaoning Tianyu Chemical Co., Ltd. and Asymchem Laboratories (Fuxin) Co., Ltd.


Key fluorochemicals to be developed in Liaoning's Fuxin



Key products to develop


Inorganic fluoride

Electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid;

Fluorine-enriched special gas;



ODS (= ozone depleting substance) substitute

Fluorinated alkane used in refrigerant, foaming agent, spray, cleaning agent and fire extinguishing agent



Modified fluororesin;

High performance fluororubber;



Fluorine-enriched fine chemicals

Pesticide/pharmaceutical intermediates;


Fluorocarbon alcohol;

Fluorine-enriched lithium salt used in Li-ion battery electrolyte;

Fluorine-enriched liquid crystal material;


Source: The People’s Government of Fuxin City & CCM


Fuxin’s rigorous promotion of the scientific and technological innovation in fluorochemical industry not only complies with the general guideline of 13th Five-year Plan - to thoroughly implement the strategy of scientific and technological innovation driven development and build a new industry system, but also sets an example to other fluorochemical industry clusters in China, according to CCM.

If China’s fluorochemical industry wants to rise from the current depression caused by the structural disequilibrium - excess mid- and low-end capacity and insufficient high-end capacity, it should take the course of scientific and technological innovation driven development, and extend towards the downstream industry chain. This has become a consensus in the industry.

In early 2015, Liaoning Provincial Economy and Informatisation Commission included Fuxin’s fluorochemical industry in the 13th Five-year Fine Chemical Development Plan, and intended to guide the industry to develop premium fine chemicals, by specifically supporting the high performance fluorine-enriched materials, fluorine-enriched pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediates and the downstream products. 

Meanwhile, the Fuxin Fluorine Industry Development Zone, the local fluorochemical enterprise cluster, completed 2 significant scientific and technological innovation events in June 2015.

1. The R&D centre it built jointly with the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the leading research institute in organic fluorochemical industry, has come into use, to provide strong technological support for the local fluorochemical enterprises in the R&D of new products and exploration of new application fields. 

2. Taking the lead in building an intelligent development zone with innovative technology and management, it was awarded the title China’s Fluorochemical Industry Pilot Base by the China Fluorine and Silicon Organic Material Industry Association. With Internet technologies like Internet of Things and big data, it developed intelligent management system that includes 6 sections such as environmental protection, security and energy information, and realised the sequencing, standardisation and informatisation of management in the zone.


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