CCM: EVE signs huge supply agreements on ternary cells and LFP cells 01-25-2016

EVE announced its 35 million ternary cells and 700,000 LFP cells orders from Oupeng Bahe and Dongyu Oupeng Bahe. CCM believes the new orders will help EVE give full play to its power battery capacity, which is now under construction.


Image Source: EVE's website


On 31 Dec., 2015, EVE Energy Co., Ltd. (EVE) signed strategic cooperation agreements with Beijing Oupeng Bahe New Energy Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (Oupeng Bahe) and Nanjing Dongyu Oupeng Bahe New Energy Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (Dongyu Oupeng Bahe) on the supply of alternative energy vehicle power Li-ion battery.

Accordingly, EVE will supply Oupeng Bahe and Dongyu Oupeng Bahe with power Li-ion batteries at competitive prices. It will be a good chance for EVE to give full play to its power Li-ion battery capacity, which is under construction now.

Specifically, Oupeng Bahe will purchase 20 million PCS18650 ternary cells and 500,000 PCS lithium ferric phosphate (LFP) cells (with square aluminum shells) from EVE in 2016. Dongyu Oupeng Bahe will purchase 15 million PCS18650 ternary cells and 200,000 PCS LFP cells (with square aluminum shells) from EVE in 2016-2017.

About companies

Established in Dec. 2012, Oupeng Bahe is dedicated to the R&D, production and sales of power Li-ion battery packs and battery management system (BMS), vehicle management system and motor management system. It shows market advantages in alternative energy vehicle section. Currently, its production capacity of "PACK system" is 25,000 unit/a, able to pack 1.25 billion Wh of batteries annually.

Oupeng Bahe’s main clients are alternative energy vehicle producers, such as Nanjing Special Auto Manufacturing Co., Ltd., CNSG Anhui Hong Sifang Li-ion Battery Co., Ltd., Dongyu Oupeng Bahe, Ankai Xingkailong Coach Co., Ltd. and JAC Multifunctional Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Dongyu Oupeng Bahe is dedicated to:

  • R&D of alternative energy technology
  • R&D, production and sales of vehicle and motorcycle accessories, computer software and hardware, vehicle electronic controlling instruments, power batteries, and energy storage batteries
  • Sales of vehicles
  • Import and export of various products and technologies (self-run/ acts as agent)

EVE is dedicated to the R&D and production of Li-ion battery. Since its listing, it has been cooperating with many vehicle producers on the research of power Li-ion battery packing technology. Now it has worked out relatively mature design schemes for power Li-ion battery system and has realised the modularisation and standardisation of battery packing technology.

In Nov., 2015, EVE built a Li-ion battery joint venture with Tianjin Hawtai Motor Co., Ltd., a power battery PACK producer. Besides, they cooperated to improve the consistency, reliability, matching and economic efficiency of cell, BMS, packaging technology and system integration application. This close strategic cooperation also has helped EVE extend its alternative energy vehicle industry chain.


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