CCM: Chinese amino acid industry experiences a complete transformation in 2015 02-22-2016

In 2015, a slowdown in Chinese economic growth, serious overcapacity, low prices, increasing burden from environmental protection and product homogenization hinder the development of amino acid enterprises. They struggle for development and make sweeping transformation and reform, in order to remain competitive and profitable in the overall industry, according to CCM.


In 2015, China's GDP growth was 6.9%, which didn't reach the 7% growth target. Economic growth is slowing down. Domestic amino acid industry experienced a difficult year under such backdrop.


Key points throughout the whole year of 2015


Excessive expansion


Feed grade amino acid is the main force in domestic market. Because of excessive production expansion before, lysine manufacturers were forced to control production to against the continual fall in price; threonine has entered the market saturation period. 




Production overcapacity, low prices, increasing burden from environmental protection and product homogenization impose serious constraints on the development of amino acid enterprises. They made sweeping transformation and reform, specifically:


  • Meihua Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (Meihua Bio) planned to acquire Ningxia EPPEN Biotech Co., Ltd. (EPPEN Biotech)
  • Global Bio-chem Technology Group Co., Ltd. (Global Bio-chem) made reorganization plan


Big moves frequently occurred: reorganization, transformation, mergers and acquisitions, listing, production expansion...


RMB depreciation


Since Aug. 2015, RMB has been devaluing to USD. According to the People's Bank of China, the daily exchange rate for the Chinese currency was as high as RMB6.5528 per dollar in 28 Jan., 2016. Nevertheless, there is depreciation tendency for RMB. Chinese produced amino acids are mainly for exports. RMB depreciation enlarges manufacturers' profit margin to some extent.


In 2016, Chinese farming industry is likely to recover. For amino acid industry, it will be full of hope for enterprises. Transformation is still the mainstream of amino acid market.


Chinese lysine market, 2015

Source: CCM


Chinese threonine market, 2015

Source: CCM


Chinese methionine market, 2015

Source: CCM


Chinese tryptophan market, 2015

Source: CCM


China amino acid enterprises development, 2015

Source: CCM

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