CCM: Inter-China Chemical builds first Chinese TiO2 CMA application testing institute 02-23-2016

Inter-China Chemical announced the successful establishment of Chinese first TiO2 CMA application testing institute on 21 Jan., 2016. Thanks to this, China’s TiO2 application testing and research abilities are expected to be improved in the near future and, according to CCM's research, Inter-China Chemical has already built cooperation relationships with many domestic TiO2 manufacturers such as Sichuan Lomon, Henan Billions and Shandong Doguide.


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On 21 Jan., 2016, Jiangsu Zhenjiang Inter-China Testing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (Inter-China Testing), which is jointly built by Inter-China Chemical Co., Ltd. (Inter-China Chemical) and CNOOC Changzhou Paint and Coatings Industry Research Institute, is reported to have received the China Metrology Accreditation (CMA) from the Jiangsu Provincial Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision.

The CMA is a comprehensive accreditation to acknowledge the testing ability and reliability of testing institutes that is issued by metrological administrative departments of the people’s government at or above provincial level based on the Metrology Law of the People’s Republic of China. Such accreditation applies to all product quality supervision, inspection institutes and laboratories that are supposed to release impartial data to the public.

The occurrence of Inter-China Testing receiving CMA marks the establishment of a national-level third party TiO2 application testing laboratory as well as the constitution of the first Chinese CMA TiO2 application testing institute.




Inter-China Testing is built under the guidance of CNOOC Changzhou Paint and Coatings Industry Research Institute and is supported by investments (USD1.53 million - RMB10 million) from Inter-China Chemical.

Application testing and research effectively play a pivotal role in the innovation of new products and in the improvement of TiO2 products’ quality and, according to the president of Inter-China Testing Ni Xiaoguang, his company boasts the most complete testing programs and the most accurate testing in all China. China's TiO2 industry, however, is currently suffering from low-end products' oversupply and high-end products' lack. President Ni believes, though, that Inter-China Testing will propel the improvement of TiO2 products and the upgrading of TiO2 production techniques in China. 

After a visit to Inter-China Testing, Cheng Zhiyuan from Henan Billions Chemicals Co., Ltd. (Henan Billions) commented that the company is not only at the top of trading service providers, but it also results quite advanced among domestic TiO2 testing institutes.


Inter-China Chemical is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on product technology in the TiO2 field. The main business of the company includes developing new TiO2 products, technology transfer and application testing on chemicals such as TiO2. It is also specialized in the production, processing and customization of TiO2 products.

Over the last six years, Inter-China Chemical has invested over USD4.58 million (RMB30 million) into the innovation of new products, into the fostering of professional personnel and the purchase of scientific research equipment.

According to CCM's research, Inter-China Chemical has already built long-term cooperation relationships with many domestic TiO2 manufacturers such as Sichuan Lomon Titanium Co., Ltd. (Sichuan Lomon), Shandong Doguide Group Co., Ltd. and Henan Billions.




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