CCM: Shenghua Biok: revenue from tryptophan business falls in 2015 03-23-2016

In March 2016, Shenghua Biok released its 2015 financial figures. Revenue from tryptophan business decreased out of the drops in both sales volume and price. In 2016, Shenghua Biok will focus on "pan-entertainment" business to hunt for new profit growth.


In March 2016, Zhejiang Shenghua Biok Biology Co., Ltd. (Shenghua Biok) released its 2015 financial figures. Its revenue was USD154.49 million (RMB1.01 billion), down by 24.84% over 2014, while the net profit reached USD21.39 million (RMB139.88 million), up by 68.73% YoY. This is mainly because the company had sold its loss-making subsidiary.

Particularly, Shenghua Biok's revenue from veterinary drug business (mainly tryptophan) reduced by 12.03% to USD68.66 million (RMB448.95 million), due to:

  • Fall in sales price

According to CCM’s price monitoring, the market price of 98% tryptophan continued sliding in 2015: from USD18,793/t in Jan. to USD7,581/t in Dec., shrinking by 60%.


  • Fall in production and sales volume

Accordingly, both figures were down compared with 2014:

  • Production: 1,171.50 tonnes, down by 23.11% 
  • Sales volume: 966.12 tonnes, down by 31.04% 
  • Stock (by 31 Dec. 2015): 346.02 tonnes, up by 146.03%

This slump was mainly affected by the price downturn in soybean meal, a raw material for protein feed. CCM’s data showed that the market price of soybean meal was USD417/t, declining by 17% compared with Jan. As a substitute for tryptophan, downstream feed industry chose the cheaper soybean meal to reduce cost, which led to the sluggish sales and falling price of tryptophan.

For this, Shenghua Biok optimized its manufacturing techniques to lower the cost. The gross profit margin thus rose to 17.41%, up by 5.49 percentage points, which, however, couldn’t offset the negative effect from the slump in tryptophan’s price.


Shenghua Biok's financial performance, 2012-2015

Source: Zhejiang Shenghua Biok Biology Co., Ltd.


Monthly market price of 98% tryptophan in China, Jan. 2014-Dec. 2015

Source: CCM


Shenghua Biok has stood firm in China’s tryptophan market by enlarging scale. According to CCM’s research, domestic tryptophan enterprises able to realize mass production include Meihua Holdings Group Co., Ltd., Henan Julong Bioengineering Co., Ltd. and Shenghua Biok, taking up 65%+ of the sales. Shenghua Biok’s output of tryptophan was merely around 200 tonnes in 2013, but to 1,000 tonnes in 2015.

At present, the tryptophan business was the biggest contributor to Shenghua Biok. Other products, with low gross profit margin and small scale, can’t bring any new growth point of profit. Therefore, in 2016 Shenghua Biok will:

  • Innovate in techniques to reduce production cost and boost profits
  • Speed up to abolish businesses and sections with serious losses and weak competitiveness
  • Hunt for new engines of growth by focusing on pan-entertainment business* as a strategic business

Notably, “We will restart the plan to acquire 100% of shares in Chengdu Blaze Loong Technology Co., Ltd., which will enhance our profitability,” Shenghua Biok mentioned in the 2015 financial report (Please see Shenghua Biok fails in reconstructing in Amino Acids China E-News 1602).

*Pan-entertainment business: first put forward by Tencent, it makes profits on Internet by attracting fans in fields of online computer games, literature, comics, movie, etc. Shenghua Biok is attempting to step into online games industry by acquiring Chengdu Blaze Loong Technology Co., Ltd.


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