CCM: Breeding principle and technical skill of fresh corn varieties 05-06-2016

Based on the perspective of fresh corn variety demand in China, breeding principles of some special fresh corn varieties were expounded from the endosperm, aleurone layer, peel, embryos and other different parts of corn. This article briefly introduced breeding methods of sweet-waxy corn, purple corn, red corn, multicolor corn and green corn and some other special corn varieties.

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There are two types of fresh corns in China: sweet corn and fresh waxy corn. And sweet corn can be divided into two types (common corn and super sweet corn) based on endosperm texture, nutrient content and taste. Based on the fresh corn variety demand in China, there are some special corn varieties and new types which are wildly welcomed by the people besides the common corn types, white cultivars and yellow cultivars.

As for breeding of the new types and special varieties, some of them respectively belong to endosperm breeding, aleurone layer breeding and peel breeding, and some of the varieties belong to both peel breeding and aleurone layer breeding, which shows that the breeding techniques of them are them are more complicated than the common corns.

The breeding techniques of special corn varieties and the new corn types:

  • Sweet-waxy corn: There are four subtypes in this one: sush2, suwx, sh2wx and sush2wx. It needs to use recessive epistasis as the principle to breed the corn.

  • Black waxy corn: In order to breed this variety, it only needs to cross two black corn inbred lines which are bred from the gene combination of black aleurone layer and waxy endosperm.

  • Red waxy corn and purple waxy corn: Base on the genotype and color, these corns can be divided into three types: aleurone layer type, peel type and aleurone layer + peel type. 1. The easiest way to breed purple waxy corn of aleurone layer type is to cross the second cycle line which is bred from the purple hybrids. And the breeding skill of red waxy corn of aleurone layer type is similar to the previous one. 2. The easiest way to breed purple waxy corn of peel type is to cross the second cycle line which is bred fromthe gene combination of purple peel and waxy. 3. R-nj is an important gene which can help to form purple color, so it can use the combination of R-nj gene, aleurone layer gene and peel gene to breed purple waxy corn of aleurone layer + peel type.

  • Multicolor fresh corn: Use the cross of white corn and colored corn to breed this corn, and it can also use the cross of two white corns to breed this one.

  • Purple corn: It can also use the cross the purple corn and white or yellow corn to breed this one.

  • Green corn: Although there is no gene to form the color green, it can still use blue aleurone layer to cover yellow endosperm. Because aleurone layer has characteristic of translucency, people can see green corn in vision, and most of corn are of dark green.

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