CCM: Hubei Xingfa: shrink in net profit in 2015 not because of declining profitability 05-24-2016

On 30 Jan., 2016, Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group Co., Ltd. (Hubei Xingfa) released its 2015 performance forecast, showing that its net profit is predicted to have fallen by about 85% year on year from USD75.96 million in 2014 to USD11.38 million (RMB74 million).


According to Hubei Xingfa, the shrink in net profit in 2015 can be attributed to the following two reasons.


1. According to the Corporate Accounting Standards, the shares of the acquiree that are held before the acquisition date should be revalued on the acquisition date based on the fair value and the differential between fair value and carrying value should be added onto the return on investment for the corresponding period.

In July 2014, Hubei Xingfa finished its acquisition of part shares in both Hubei Taisheng Chemical Co., Ltd. (Hubei Taisheng) and Yichang Jinxin Chemical Co., Ltd. (Yichang Jinxin). The differential between fair value and carrying value of the two acquisition events, USD67.35 million (RMB438 million), was added onto the return on investment in 2014. without this non-recurring profit and loss,  Hubei Xingfa’s net profit dropped significantly compared with that of 2014.


2. According to the Corporate Accounting Standards, a goodwill impairment test (a potential economic qualification that can realize superprofit for the company), should be taken at the end of every year. In 2015, influenced by global market conditions, the main product of Hubei Taisheng, glyphosate technical, had a persistently low market price. As a result, Hubei Taisheng failed to reach its performance target and this has led to goodwill impairment.



Ignoring for the moment the influence of non-recurring profit and loss in 2014, CCM found that Hubei Xingfa actually saw an increase in its YoY net profit in 2015.

Despite the fact that China’s phosphorus chemical industry is currently depressed due to insufficient market demand, Hubei Xingfa is expected to continue to show its powerful competitiveness in 2016 in most part due to its abundant phosphorus ore resources and complete industry chain which covers phosphate fertilizers, phosphoric acid, phosphate, glyphosate, etc.


1. Phosphorus ore business to be growth point for the future

Since the second half of 2015, Hubei Xingfa has made three acquisitions of phosphorus ore businesses in Hubei Province. As a result, 280 million tonnes of phosphorus ore reserves (all under exploration and unmined) were newly added.

As Hubei Xingfa is a major local government partner in the integration of phosphorus ore resources, these newly added resources will very likely be successfully mined in the near future. This should help Hubei Xingfa to better control its production costs and increase its ability to deal with risk from market fluctuations.


2. Heavy operational pressure not to trouble Hubei Xingfa

Although the condition of the domestic market for the phosphate fertilizer industry is anticipated to remain depressed in 2016, this shouldn't trouble Hubei Xingfa as its 600,000 t/a phosphate fertilizer production line is in a leading position in the industry and its profitability ranks highest among its contestants.

The gross profit margin of their phosphate fertilizer business reportedly reached 12.74% in the first half of 2015. Furthermore, Hubei Xingfa is currently working on some asset-light projects, such as developing new types of fertilizers, to improve its profit margin, and for this reason, Hubei Xingfa’s fertilizer business is expected to break-even in 2016.


3. Glyphosate business to have sliding profit margin but increasing sales volume

Though current profit margins in the glyphosate industry in China are declining, Hubei Xingfa is able to glean enough of a profit margin by relying on its circular economy and its comprehensive cost advantages it gets from having a complete industry chain. According to an earlier released performance report, Hubei Taisheng gained a net profit of USD13.56 million (RMB88.20 million) over the first three quarters of 2015.

It more or less maintained an average rate of 100% capacity utilization in 2015. Currently, Hubei Taisheng has a glyphosate capacity of 70,000 t/a, and when their newly built 60,000 t/a glyphosate production line is put into production in 2016, the company's glyphosate sales volume is expected to increase dramatically, offsetting the loss received from the overall slide in profit margin.

This article comes from Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1602, CCM

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