CCM: Monsanto: board of directors approve capacity expansion project of dicamba 07-18-2016

According to the news on, the board of directors of Monsanto Company (Monsanto) agreed to invest USD975 million in expanding the Luling Factory located in Louisiana, the US for the capacity expansion of dicamba. The project will be completed in mid-2019.

In order to solve the problem of glyphosate-resistant weeds, Monsanto developed a crop system named Roundup Ready® Xtend, in which glyphosate will be mixed with dicamba. The capacity expansion project of dicamba will play an important role in this crop system. After the completion of the project, 25%-30% of dicamba will be produced for the whole production line.

In regard to the project, Brett Begemann, chief operating officer of Monsanto considered that Luling Factory enjoys unique geographical location in the manufacturing network of the company, which can provide weed-managing products to farmers in the US more conveniently. In addition, Monsanto has cooperated with the local government for over 60 years. So this project will make a positive contribution to the economic development in southern areas of Louisiana.

In the coming decades, Monsanto hopes to promote the Roundup Ready® Xtend in the US, Brazil, southern Latin America and even in the whole world. If the company owns a dicamba product at proper low cost to meet the increasing demand from customers, it means a very huge market in the US – 101.17 million ha (250 million acre) of fields. 

It is predicted that 100 full-time workers and 20 contractors would be increased in the Luling Factory. The Economic Development Department of Louisiana evaluated that the project will help create 450 new positions in addition. That is to say, 550 position will be created in total.

John Bel Edwards, speaker of the government of Louisiana disclosed that agricultural and chemical businesses are two major fields in Louisiana. The capacity expansion project will strengthen these two businesses in Louisiana and the government will greatly support Monsanto's investment.

Weeds endanger seriously the global agricultural production. They restrain the nutrition, sunlight and water needed in crop growing. Farmers expect a high-efficiency weed-managing technology to control the damage of weeds so as to harvest good crops. But it is hard to develop a simple solution regarding the crop protection. Dicamba being mixed with other crop protection measures is a more effective way used by farmers at present.

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