CCM: Verification certificate for corn variety Kenyu30 revoked 08-30-2016

On 28 June, 2016, the Gansu Provincial Crop Variety Approval Committee announced the withdrawal of the verification certificate for corn variety Kenyu30 (Gansu Provincial Authorized Corn Variety 2014006). Specifically, the verification certificate would be withdrawn and promotion and sales of the product would be stopped, in accordance with the Seed Law of the People's Republic of China and the Measures for Verification of Major Crop Varieties.

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Detailed reasons for the withdrawal were not disclosed, but CCM thinks that it might be the situation that Kenyu30 may have unconquerable serious defects. According to the Article 21 of the Seed Law of the People's Republic of China, for verified crop and tree varieties confirmed to have serious defects by the original variety approval committee, promotion and sales should be stopped and verification certificates should be revoked.

Kenyu30 was verified in 2014. Just before the withdrawal of its verification certificate, on 21-22 Feb., 2016, Gansu Qingyang Muhe Agricultural and Forestry Science and Technology Co., Ltd. a held promotion meeting for the product in Tunzi and Pingquan towns in Zhenyuan County, Qingyang City, Gansu Province. The withdrawal will definitely get local distributors into trouble.

Basic information about Kenyu30

- Verification No.: Gansu Provincial Authorized Corn Variety 2014006
- Sources: LK3017 as female parent and Lx9801 as male parent
- Breeder: Gansu Nongken Improved Seed Co., Ltd.
- Properties:

  • Late-mature
  • Growth period last for 125 days in Northwest China with efficient cumulative temperature >= 2,700 Celsius degrees
  • Seedlings have purple leaf sheathes, light green leaves and purple leaf margin
  • Plants have 19-20 leaves, have fine plant morphology, 280-300 cm in height and ears are 110-120 cm above land; stalk is mulberry, anther is chartreuse, shell is purple, filament is pink
  • Fruits are in long cylindrical shape (22 cm) with the ear row number reaching 16-18, spike-stalk is red and kernel is yellow; the weight of 1,000 kernels hit 378 g

- Cultivation

  • Density: 3,500 plants/mu (15 mu = 1 ha) in dry land and 4,000-4,500 plants/mu in irrigated farmland under ideal irrigation and fertiliser conditions
  • Suitable to be planted in the central and east parts of Gansu, in Hexi Corridor as well as in mid-late mature planting areas in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces


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