CCM: Henan Billions leads development of titanium gypsum comprehensive utilization technology 08-30-2016

For the treatment of acid wastewater, lime will be added while using sulfate process to produce TiO2, then some industrial waste will be generated and that is titanium gypsum, a major industrial waste in the production of TiO2. To tackle the emission of titanium gypsum, it not only takes enterprises a lot of land and fund, but also brings serious environmental pollution.


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Recently, through the production of new type sintering property blocks, Henan Billions successfully utilized the titanium gypsum and became the first TiO2 company in China to realize comprehensive utilization of titanium gypsum.


In 2014, the output of TiO2 was over 2 million tonnes, and most of them were produced under the sulfate process. In producing one tonne of TiO2, approximately 4 tonnes of titanium gypsum will be generated. Therefore the total emission of titanium gypsum in this year were more than 8 million tonnes and with the development of China's TiO2 industry, this figure is believed to grow steadily. At present, the cost of processing, storing and transporting titanium gypsum generated by one tonne of TiO2 is USD39.11 (RMB240). Calculated in this way, it took enterprises over USD78 million to deal with all the titanium gypsum in 2014 in China which shows that China's titanium gypsum is an enormous untapped market.


However, limited by huge investment, barriers caused by processing technology and the unpredictability of future market, most Chinese domestic TiO2 enterprises are maintaining exploratory attitude towards comprehensive utilization of titanium gypsum and do not invest substantial money to explore it. Yet it is foreseeable that once the titanium gypsum project carried out by Henan Billions Chemical Co., Ltd. (Henan Billions) achieved good economic benefits, it will set off an upsurge in China's TiO2 industry to comprehensively utilize titanium gypsum.


According to official reports from Henan Billions, its technology is mainly introduced from Italy and Japan and only the equipment has cost the company USD19.55 million (RMB120 million). In April 2013, Henan Billions started to build the 200 million piece per year titanium gypsum sintering property blocks project to produce standard bricks, sintering property blocks and other wall materials. This project was completed on 20 Sept., 2014. After the project was put into full production, the daily consumption of titanium gypsum reaches 1,000 tonnes. It was expected that this investment can help Henan Billions to achieve a revenue and a total profit of USD11.41 million (RMB 70 million) and USD3.10 million (RMB19 million) respectively annually. With the titanium gypsum consumption of 360 thousand tonnes a year, the comprehensive utilization of titanium gypsum can bring about double harvest in both economy and environmental protection.


It is understood by CCM that in current China, Sichuan Lomon Titanium Co., Ltd., Wuhan Fangyuan Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd. and other companies have speeded their comprehensive utilization project of titanium gypsum, but the specific progress is still unknown.


In addition, due to the declining natural gypsum resources in domestic China, titanium gypsum, dehydrated to 80% solid, has successfully substituted the natural gypsum and entered the cement retarder market.


However, subject to the high cost in processing, this technology does not have a good application. Yet Shanghai Pengbo Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Titanium Dioxide Chemical Co., Ltd. have long been engaging in their research on titanium gypsum being used as cement retarder.

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