CCM: Vitamin healthcare product manufacturer By-health: fall in H1 2016 net profit 08-31-2016

On 30 July, 2016, By-health Co., Ltd. (By-health, stock code: 300146), a vitamin healthcare product manufacturer, released its financial figures for H1 2016.

  • Revenue: USD186.09 million (RMB1.23 billion), up 4.78% YoY
  • Net profit: USD54.13 million (RMB358.78 million), down 13.9% YoY

                                                                                        Source: Baidu

“The figures are a bit lower than we expected,” explained By-health, “In the past 6 months, the revenue, especially sales in drugstores, grew slightly affected by the overall economic downturn. Meanwhile, we spent more on brand promotion and therefore the net profit fell over last year.”

By-health is engaged in the R&D, production and sale of healthcare products, mainly vitamin and mineral dietary supplements. As of June 2016, the company had altogether 125 Healthcare Food Approval Certificates for nutrient supplements and health food (9 obtained in H1) and obtained 904 registered trademarks in China (202 obtained in H1) and 78 overseas (1 obtained in H1).

Its products cover tablets, powder and capsules, among which tablets take up the largest proportion. In H1 2016, revenue from tablets accounted for 40% of the total, gross profit margin at 73.02%, highest among all.


By-health's Healthcare Food Approval Certificates obtained in H1 2016



Certificate No.


Vitamin B Complex



Ca & Mg + Vitamin D tablet



Zinc & selenium tablet



Vitamin C Tablet (orange flavor)



Natural β-Carotene Softgel






Colostrum Powder



Multi-vitamin & Mineral Tablet for Early Pregnancy



Calcium & Vitamin D Softgel


Source: By-health Co., Ltd.

Speeding up business expansion in 2016

By-health has actively established partnership with foreign healthcare enterprises this year. In March, Hong Kong Bai Rui Co., Ltd. (HK Bai Rui), a wholly-owned subsidiary of By-health, signed a joint venture agreement with NBTY Cayman Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NBTY, Inc. (NBTY, a well-known dietary supplement manufacturer in the US).

Accordingly, NBTY will shift its two brands, "Nature's Bounty" and "Met-Rx", and its cross-border E-commerce platform over to the new venture. In April, the new company, named Kangzhibao (Hongkong) Co., Ltd., finished registration and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Kangzhibao Nutrition Bio-technology (China) Co., Ltd., registered in July.

Additionally, By-health started the construction of its first organic farm. This is the third step of the company’s “three-step global development strategy on raw materials” which aims to narrow down the gap with and differentiate itself from foreign established brands.

In H2, the company plans to launch its “Best of the Best Nutrients” brand upgrading strategy to further extend into new business and expand business layout.



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