CCM: CJ Group launches L-methionine production 08-31-2016

In Jan. 2015, CJ Group's newly established L-methionine project in Malaysia went into production. This product has an advantage in performance over DL-methionine.


In Jan. 2015, CJ Group lanuched a 80,000 t/a feed grade L-methionine project in Terengganu, Malaysia. This project was jointly cooperated between CJ and Arkema in Aug. 2011, with the investment of USD450 million. Besides a production line of L-methionine, Arkema also has a 50,000 t/a sulfur derivatives production line, which will provide the raw materials to CJ Group’s L-methionine production.


L-methionine manufactured by CJ Group has an advantage in performance over DL-methionine. CJ Group said that L-methionine’s relative bioavailability is about 20%–40% higher than DL-methionine based on crude oil as the raw material. Research group at North Carolina State University, Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Life stated that, in experimental stage, comparing to the feeding DL- methionine treated group, poultries fed by L-methionine were increased by 138% and 143% in terms of daily gain and feed conversion rate; the laying rate of egg layers has been improved; moreover, it plays a better role for poultry intestinal development and antioxidant functions.


Asian manufacturers may supply more methionine in Chinese market in 2015. The newly increased capacity of methionine has reached 300,000 t/a in the Asian region in 2014. In detail, Evonik's Singapore factory had 150,000 t/a, Ningxia Unisplendour Tianhua Methionine Co., Ltd. had 50,000 t/a, Dalian Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. had 20,000 t/a and CJ Group's Malaysia factory had 80,000 t/a. To be noted, DL-methionine products manufactured by the former three enterprises have hit the Chinese market. With the launch of CJ Group's L-methionine, it will take a large proportion in Asian market and China will be one of its targeted markets.


Methionine in Chinese market is mainly supplied from North American and European manufacturers for the whole year 2014. The foreign manufacturers reduced the supply, along with the delayed clearance, caused the domestic tight supply of methionine in Q2 2014. However, in Q3 2014, the poultry production resumed growth which drove the upturn in the demand for methionine; additionally, the US factories producing raw materials to methionine had the spate of accidents. Such factors led to a high market price of methionine in 2014.


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