CCM: Shineking Biological to construct polyamino acid project 09-05-2016

In Jan. 2015, Shineking Biological planned to build a polyamino acid project, as polylysine boasts great potentials in the application of food preservative. And polyglutamic acid presents a bright future to perform as fertilizer synergist.


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In Jan. 2015, Nanjing Environmental Protection Bureau announced that Nanjing Shineking Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (Shineking Biological) planned to build a polyamino acid project with the investment of USD16.34 mllion (RMB100 million). Located in Nanjing Biotech and Pharmaceutical Valley, the project includes 500 t/a polyglutamic acid, 20 t/a polylysine and 100 t/a chrial amino acid. The project is undergoing environmental impact assessment.


Mr. Feng, manager of Shineking Biological, disclosed that polyglutamic acid can be performed as fertilizer synergist. For one thing, synergist fertilizers that use polyglutamic acid could improve the output of crops. The average fertilizer utilization will improve 7%-12% by adding polyamino acid synergists. In detail, the average output of grain crops and industrial crops will increase 15%-25%, root and tuber crops can even get a 30% increase. With the crop yield increase, farmers can get an income of USD16.34 (RMB 100) per mu and the figure would be USD490 (RMB3,000) if they plant industrial crops. For another, polyglutamic acid synergist fertilizer will help agriculture to develop in a more environmental friendly way. If 20% of the original fertilizers could be replaced by polyglutamic acid synergist fertilizers, then 2 million tonnes of fertilizers could be saved every year, to the equivalent of reducing 4 large scale chemical fertilizer plants.


For a long time, farmers used a lot of fertilizers in planting crops in order to get a harvest on account of the large population but small land in China. Data showed that the cultivated area in China is less than 10% of that in the world, while 40% of fertilizers were used in China. Besides, the utilization ratio of traditional fertilizers in China is low, together with the over use of chemical fertilizers, making the soil becoming hard and water eutrophication becoming even serious. As a result, soil quality is deteriorating.


At present, the polyamino acid fertilizer technology had achieved industrialization in China. The leading polyamino acid urea manufacturer is Luxi Chemical Group Co., Ltd. and the leading polyamino acid compound fertilizer manufacturers are Shandong Sunfull Chemical Co., Ltd. and Hubei Xiangyun (Group) Chemical Co., Ltd. As for polyamino acid soluble fertilizer, Xinjiang Huier Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. is leading the way. Except for performing as fertilizer synergists, polyglutamic acid can also be widely used in fine chemical, medical and water treatment industry.

It is noted that ε-polylysine can be served as a green nutritional food preservative, which was approved by the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China in April 2014. Ε-polylysine will replace chemical preservatives to become the major fresh-keeping material. Besides, it will also used in drug carrier and sanitizer industry.


Founded in 2010, Shineking Biological is specialized in the production of biopolymers through the method of microbiological fermentation. Its major products are γ-polyglutamic acid, ε-polylysine, isomaltulose and tagatose. After launching the Standard for Polyglutamic Acid Enterprise in China for the first time, Shineking Biological becomes the leader in drafting the cosmetic-grade and agricultural-grade polyglutamic acid industrial standard.

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