CCM: Genetic relationship of three soybean core parents and their derived breeding lines detected by PAV markers 09-06-2016

A new molecular marker system, presence/absence variation (PAV) of large fragment genomic sequences shows potential because of its convenient PCR-based technique and distinct band distribution on. However, its application in soybean breeding and genetic research remains to be developed.

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There are some core parents in soybean breeding program, which are the key to success in breeding, revealing their role is helpful for parent selection in hybrid breeding work. In a study, 154 soybean materials including 28 parents and 126 breeding lines were used to reveal their genetic relationship.

These lines were derived from the crosses between three core parents (Nannong86.4, Nannong88.48 and Youchu4) and a set of domestic and exotic lines in a breeding program in National Center of Soybean Improvement.

The average number of allele per PAV was 2.1. The average value of polymorphic information content (PIC) per PAV was 0.239. The average allele number of the gene-based and non-coding region PAV marker and the average values of polymorphic information content (PIC) of the two PAV types were almost the same.

All 34 crosses were clustered into 6 groups based on PAV markers data. Among them, three big groups correspond to the three core parents could be identified. All 154 materials were clustered into 9 groups. Most lines from the same core parent or same cross were classified as a group. According to the genetic contribution rate of PAV allele of the core parents, 22 crosses had higher average contribution rate than the expected ratio in the 29 crosses.

The observed contribution values of core parent Nannong86.4, Nannong88.48 were higher than the expected values based on pedigree analysis, while Youchu4 from other region had less contribution to the derived lines, indicating the rationalities of using local elite line as core parent in breeding program. In comparison with pedigree analysis, PAV marker can reveal detail genetic relationship among the parents and their derived lines.


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