CCM: Coating output reaches 14.87 million tonnes in China, Jan.-Nov. 2014 09-09-2016

In Jan.-Nov. 2014, coating output in China reached about14.87 million tonnes with a YoY growth rate of 8.05%. It is worth mentioning that this output has already surpassed the total output in the whole year of 2013. Thereinto, coating output from enterprises with revenue from major businesses reaching USD3.27 million (RMB20 million) was about 13.03 million tonnes.


To be more specific, Guangdong Province still enjoyed the biggest coating output, reaching about 3 million tonnes with a YoY growth rate of 6.83%. Shanghai followed Guangdong Province with an output of 1.72 million tonnes, up 11.63% year on year. It is obvious that the growth rate of Shanghai was higher than that of Guangdong Province. Jiangsu Province had an output of 1.67 million tonnes, increasing by 4.99% year on year and Hunan Province’s output reached 1.13 million tonnes.


The output of these four provinces accounted for 50.59% of the total. Other provinces with outstanding output in proper order were Shandong, Sichuan, Henan, Hebei and Zhejiang. Their total output exceeded 750,000 tonnes.


According to the output in Jan.-Nov. 2014, it is predicted that the total coating output in the whole year would surpass 15 million tonnes with a YoY increase rate of 15%. What’s more, it is possible that the whole-year output may reach 16 million with a YoY increase rate of over 20%, much higher than the growth rate of 3.60% in 2013. In 2014, the development of the coating industry faced with many predicaments. Though in such circumstances, the coating output still can have such a growth rate, showing an omen of rapid rebound, which also means that there is still enough space for exploitation in the coating market.


However, enterprises and distributors disclosed that the sliding profit became a big problem in the coating industry. So how to increase profits while the output mounts will become a common challenge for the industry in next year and for some time to come.

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