CCM: Fluoxastrobin pesticides to be registered for the first time in China 09-19-2016

On 27 May, 2016, the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA) released the 5th list of pesticides approved to be registered in China, including Bayer CropScience's 94% fluoxastrobin TC and Arysta LifeScience Corporation's 50% fluoxastrobin + chlorothalonil SC.

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In particular, the latter is used for the control and prevention of tomato late blight and cucumber downy mildew, use amount at 990-1,287 g/ha (based on active ingredient), for spraying only. This indicates that both fluoxastrobin technical and formulations are to be registered in China for the first time, which is a must for their sales in domestic market.

Notably, that day, Arysta LifeScience Co., Ltd. (Arysta LifeScience) also announced to launch its new fungicide Evito® (660 g/L fluoxastrobin + chlorothalonil SC) later this year and then 480 g/L fluoxastrobin + tebuconazole SC in 2017.
China's fungicide product line can be further enriched and Chinese farmers are provided with more choices.

Fluoxastrobin, a third-generation strobilurin fungicide, is discovered by Bayer CropScience. It has outstanding performance, worthy of promotion:

  • Mixable with various pesticides, like prothioconazole, chlorothalonil, tebuconazole, pencycuron, fluopyram and flutriafol
  • Broad spectrum
  • Excellent performance on crop healthcare

In 2005 and 2012, Bayer CropScience signed contracts with Arysta LifeScience, granting it the rights to develop and distribute fluoxastrobin pesticides. This has allowed Arysta LifeScience to successfully market fluoxastrobin pesticides globally, jointly with other multinational corporations, like Isagro S.p.A., Cheminova and FMC Corporation.

Chinese pesticide producers often pay great attention to excellent off-patent pesticides. After becoming off-patented by 14 Jan. 2017, fluoxastrobin pesticides are expected to catch the producers' eyes.

So far, there have been Chinese pesticide producers making preparation for the competition. According to the ICAMA, a number of enterprises have started related field trials, like Shaanxi Weierqi Crop Protection Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Thompson Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Fluoxastrobin has been registered in many countries. In fact, recent years have witnessed steady rises in the global sales of fluoxastrobin pesticides. Given its outstanding performance, its successful marketing overseas and the popularity of other strobilurin fungicides, the fluoxastrobin series, of great market potential, is expected to be promising in China.


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