CCM: Chint Group makes breakthrough in graphene technology application 09-21-2016

On 9 Sept., 2016, Chint Group held a press conference for its “Grabat” graphene technology application in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. At the conference, Chint Group and the team from Grabat Energy, S.L. (Grabat Energy) jointly presented several technology application resolutions of graphene polymer Li-ion battery, with fields covering aviation, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), coating, motorcycle, motorboat and cement.

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It is known that the graphene polymer Li-ion battery is about 80% lighter in weight and about 67% smaller in size than the traditional Li-ion battery.

In the meanwhile, Li Yichun, secretary general of the China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry commented that China boasts a huge market for graphene application that the bursting point will be anticipated in 2018 and the total revenue of domestic graphene industry in 2020 may exceed USD14.97 billion (RMB100 billion).

As a new material for energy storage battery, graphene possesses unique advantage and huge potential in various applications as super capacitor, Li-ion battery and solar battery. 

As a result, based on its industrial development demand and global economic trend, Chint Group stepped into the graphene market in 2014, and carried out a series of activities. It acquired Shanghai Simbatt Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in Dec. 2014, and established a joint laboratory with the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, for the development of downstream application based on graphene powder.

Deepening the research and development, Chint Group established a business department of energy storage / power battery, focusing on the technology development of graphene energy storage / power battery. In early 2016, Chint Group has forged cooperation with Graphenano Technologies S.L. (Graphenano Technologies) and took shares in Grabat Energy, part of Graphenano Technologies, to jointly carry out R&D of high performance graphene battery.

Chint Group, as a leading enterprise in power equipment manufacturing and photovoltaic alternative energy industry, has constructed over 200 photovoltaic power stations globally with a total installed capacity of 2.4 GW. Moreover, Chint Group has launched its strategic guideline of “leaping development to energy internet service enterprise”, aiming to build a comprehensive service platform for energy development, manufacturing, transmission, placement and utilization.

As revealed by Nan Cunhui, the president of Chint Group, energy storage is one of the critical links in constructing energy internet. The technology of energy storage battery is critical in tackling the problem of large-scale development and utilization of alternative energy, and also significant in composing smart power grids. Consequently, vigorous promotion of graphene application and R&D can be far-reaching for the company.


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