CCM: Differential analysis of kernel traits for corn inbred lines and hybrids from different sources 09-22-2016

The research on corn heterosis plays an important role in improving yield and quality of corn. The researchers measured kernel-related traits of 89 temperate inbred lines, 59 tropical/subtropical inbred lines and 179 F1 hybrid assembled from the 148 inbred lines. All inbred lines were planted, harvested and cross-pollinated in Hainan in 2013. They analyzed the diversity and difference of grain traits between temperate and tropic/subtropical inbred lines and different F1 hybrid types with a division based on the origin of parents.


The results show that the grain length and hundred-grain weight of temperate inbred lines are longer and heavier than those of tropic/subtropical. In F1 hybrid, kernel length of temperate inbred lines shows longer than that of tropic/subtropical. The heterosis analysis shows that the F1 hybrids have relative better-parent heterosis and relative mid-parent heterosis in grain thickness and grain weigh than grain length and kernel width.


*News from a paper titled Differential Analysis of Kernel Traits for Maize Inbred Lines and Hybrids from Different Sources delivered by researchers Li Yanan, Aye Nyein Chan, Feng Yuran, Dong Yuan, Shi Yaqin, Wang Boxin, Xu Shutu and Xue Jiquan from College of Agronomy of Northwest A&F University.

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