CCM: China's export volume of 200 gram per litre imidacloprid SL exceeds 1000 tonnes in Q1 2016 09-27-2016

Imidacloprid technical and formulations are known as one of the insecticides with relatively large export volume every year from China. In Q1 2016, over 13 specifications of imidacloprid formulations were exported, with a total export volume of 3903.63 tonnes and export value of USD24.38 million. Of these, 200g/L imidacloprid SL ranked first by both volume and value, 29.48% and 22.76% of the national total respectively.

                                                      China's exports of 200g/L imidacloprid SL, Q1 2016

                                                                   Source: China Customs & CCM

Export volume

According to China Customs and analyst CCM, from Jan. to March 2016, China exported altogether 1,151 tonnes of 200g/L imidacloprid SL, 29.48% of the national figure of imidacloprid formulations. Besides, 350g/L imidacloprid SC, 25% imidacloprid WP and 10% imidacloprid WP also showed relatively large export volume, 20.10%, 14.56% and 12.36% of the national total respectively.

                                                    China's export volume of imidacloprid formulations, Q1 2016