CCM: Dynavolt to set up subsidiary to develop Li-ion battery anode material business 10-21-2016

Summary: In June 2015, Dynavolt noted the plan to establish a subsidiary in Xiamen City, Fujian Province to develop anode material business. The intention is to strengthen the technology capability in the Li-ion battery field, complete the industry chain and enhance the market competitiveness.


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On 17 June, 2015, Guangdong Dynavolt Power Technology Co., Ltd. (Dynavolt) announced that it had signed the Cooperation Agreement Framework with Jiang Yuxiong. From this, Dynavolt planned to use the self-owned fund of USD1.31 million (RMB8 million) to establish a subsidiary namely Xiamen Gaorong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, jointly with Jiang Yuxiong. The company will be involved in the R&D, production and sale of both Li-ion battery anode materials and Li-ion battery.


Dynavolt is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the fields of alternative energy and energy saving technology and dedicated to the R&D, production and sale of serial storage batteries.


Jiang Yuxiong is professional in the R&D of electrode materials, especially the Li-ion anode materials. Now he is listed in the Xiamen’s Two Hundred Plan (A plan for high-level talents). Meanwhile, his innovation project namely the Next Generation High Storage Li-ion Battery Material is supported by the Xiamen municipal government.


As for Dynavolt, the move to establish a subsidiary is to develop the anode material business, so as to complete the industry chain and strengthen the market competitiveness. In addition, the cooperation with Jiang Yuxiong is beneficial to the company in improving the R&D capability in Li-ion battery field, which will give technical support to the company in developing Li-ion battery business. Since the project in the charge of Jiang Yuxiong is the project supported by the local government, the follow-up R&D is expected to gain financial support from the government, which then will benefit Dynavolt.


Dynavolt’s continuous exploitation in the Li-ion battery business is in line with its strategic development plan. This will give impetus to the company during the transformation and upgrading and the performance improvement.


For a long period, Dynavolt has been supplying lead acid battery. However, trapped in the fierce competition, the company has begun to suffer losses since 2013. According to the full-year financial report, its loss in 2013 totalled USD2.73 million (RMB16.72 million). Hence, Dynavolt has proactively carried out transformation and upgrading since 2014.


  • August 2014: Dynavolt signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement Framework with the Tongji Automotive Design Research Institute, to jointly develop electric vehicle in the next 5 years
  • December 2014: Dynavolt announced to invest USD81.69 million (RMB500 million) in constructing a Li-ion battery production project in the Jindu Industrial Zone (Zhao’an County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province), capacity given at 100 million cylindrical Li-ion battery cells per annum
  • April 2015: Dynavolt set up a wholly-owned subsidiary namely Shanghai Songyue Power Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out the R&D, production, sale and service regarding the products related to the on-board energy storage system, and the packing of vehicle use Li-ion battery units. This marked a step to enter the alternative energy vehicle battery business


To date, Dynavolt has built up 3 main businesses, including the Li-ion battery, the R&D, production and sale of alternative energy vehicle and the microgrid.


Now the company has made progresses in the expansion of Li-ion battery business. For instance, the newly developed Li-ion starter battery (DLFP series) applied in the motorcycles have been largely ordered by TR Distributing, the largest motorcycle article company in the US, indicating the rise from trial application to scaled application.

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