CCM: Localization process of Li-ion battery separator is accelerating 10-24-2016

Influenced by the rapid development of Li-ion battery market, the recent two years have witnessed the soaring growth of domestic Li-ion battery separator market. Specifically speaking, the output of domestic Li-ion battery separators in H1 2016 has reached 400 million m2 with a YoY growth of 31.60%.

Source: Baidu

Market situation

On one hand, the stable enhancement of domestic separator performance has received wide recognition from domestic battery enterprises, and domestic separators are gradually replacing the imported separators. On the other hand, serious polarized situation between low-end and middle & high-end arises gradually in Chinese separator market, with surplus low-end separator products and severe chaotic inter-enterprises competition, while in high-end separator market, the majority of Chinese independent brand enterprises are still in the dry tree when competing with foreign ones, and part of the battery enterprises still rely heavily on the import of foreign high-end separators.
Competition pattern

South Korean enterprises are still in the leading position of the global Li-ion battery separator market, but Chinese enterprises are gradually narrowing the gap with Japanese and South Korean enterprises. For instance, of the top ten global separator enterprises in H1 2016, apart from the first four foreign enterprises, the rest six are Chinese enterprises, which are Shenzhen Senior Technology Material Co., Ltd., Xinxiang Zhongke Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Cangzhou Mingzhu Plastic Co., Ltd., Henan Yiteng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Chinaly New Material Co., Ltd., and Foshan Jinhui Hi-Tech Optoelectronic Material Co., Ltd.

Product process

Wet-processed separator can be lighter than dry-processed one, and can better maintain its completion in high temperature after coating, thus significantly improving the thermal stability of the battery and facilitating the problem-solving of high explosion ratio in ternary power batteries.
The increasing coverage of ternary power batteries in alternative energy vehicle field also boosts the demand for wet-processed separators. Restricted by factors including relatively high production technological barriers and comparatively long construction cycle of production lines, the domestic high-end wet-processed separators are expected to be in continuous shortage from 2016 to 2018. 


Specifically, estimated from the assumption that the total output of domestic Li-ion battery in 2016 will increase 10 GWh compared with that of 2015, the total domestic consumption of Li-ion battery separator in 2016 will be about 1,096 million m2. Currently, the effective capacity of domestic Li-ion battery separator can be about 820 million m2/a, and the final shipment, about 80% of the total capacity, may equal 656 million m2/a by taking yield rate and cutting loss into comprehensive consideration, thus posing quite a huge vacancy between supply and demand.


As a consequence, domestic manufacturers are accelerating their pace in arranging wet-processed separator business.
For instance:
1. Suzhou Victory Precision Manufacture Co., Ltd. acquired 51% stock rights of Suzhou Jieli New Energy Material Co., Ltd. in Nov., 2015. The acquired enterprise currently possesses two production lines of wet-processed Li-ion battery separator with capacity of 70-80 million m2/a, which steadily supplies many leading Li-ion battery manufacturers at home and abroad. Moreover, the latter also plans to construct another four production lines of wet-processed Li-ion battery separator, with a potential capacity increase of 150 million m2/a.
2. Sinoma Science & Technology Co. Ltd. (SSTCL) started its layout of wet-processed Li-ion battery separator market at the beginning of 2016. As early as Aug., 2016, SSTCL has revealed in investors’ interactive platform that its wet-processed Li-ion battery separator project (200 million m2/a) is under intense construction and the equipment installation is expected to be completed at the end of 2016, aiming at high-end market.


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