CCM: Origin Agritech achieves breakthrough in developing GM corn resistant to glyphosate 10-25-2016

Summary: After Origin Agritech obtained the safety certificate on the production and application of transphytase corn in Shandong, it made breakthrough in developing GM corn which has glyphosate tolerance.

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On 29 July, 2015, the Biotechnology Research Institute, China Academy of Agricultural Sciences (BRI, CAAS) held the Exhibition on Genetically Modified (GM) Corn Study in Beijing. At the exhibition, the field performance of corn resistant to pests and glyphosate which was jointly developed by the BRI, CAAS, the Institute of Plant Protection, CAAS and Origin Agritech Co., Ltd. (Origin Agritech) was showed. Thereinto, the GM corn resistant to herbicides can endure more than four times the glyphosate spraying (the usage recommended in field). At present, the pilot trail of this glyphosate-resistant corn has been finished and it is under the application of safety certificate on production and application in Beijing.

Origin Agritech optimized the glyphosate-resistant gene codon that has complete intellectual property right from the BRI, CAAS, according to the preference of corn codon, building up the high-efficiency plant expression vector. Then, it introduced the codon into the corn inbred line through agrobacterium mediation. After that, Origin Agritech screened the effect and integrated the form of six consecutive generations of gene from over 8,000 transgenic events, so as to select the new glyphosate-resistant corn variety with prominent target trait and stable genetic expression. What’s more, Origin Agritech introduced the glyphosate-resistant gene and corn borer-resistant gene into the corn genome at the same time, picking out two GM corn strains which are highly resistant to corn borer and glyphosate. These two strains have been approved to enter the environmental release test stage and will be applied for pilot trail in Nov. 2015. 

From 1998 when the American first generation of glyphosate-resistant corn GA21 has been put into commercial plantation to 2015 when the planting area of American GM corn reached 86%, the planting area of single herbicide-resistant GM corn accounts for 12% of the total, while that of herbicide & pest-resistant GM corn accounts for 77% in the US. Therefore, the planting area of herbicide-resistant GM corn in the US is 76% higher than the total corn planting area. It can be seen that the herbicide-resistant GM corn is roundly popularized in the US. However, compared to the US, China still holds cautious attitude towards the promotion of herbicide-resistant GM corn.

Nevertheless, China’s study on GM corn is not backward. That Origin Agritech applies for the safety certificate on the glyphosate-resistant GM corn was another breakthrough after it obtained the safety certificate on transphytase corn. It is disclosed that Origin Agritech completed a series of preparations on the industrialization of the transphytase corn seed, such as production of parent seed of transphytase corn, hybrid seed production, seed processing, construction of technical specification for quality control and standard system. Meantime, it has completed the construction of security risk control system of transphytase corn seed and got ready for the promotion.

CCM predicted that after Chinese government approves the commercial plantation of GM corn, Origin Agritech is expected to first launch the industrialization of GM corn seed. Besides, the transphytase corn and glyphosate-resistant corn will be promoted first.

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