Biopesticides are going to enjoy high attention in China 03-13-2017

China is the globally leading country in R&D of biopesticides. However, due to the lack of awareness of China’s farmers, the consumption is lacking behind the huge potential. Market intelligence firm CCM predicts a surging consumption of biopesticides in China in the close future, backed up by increasing promotion of manufacturers and measurements of the government to support the trend.


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As a part of China’s plan of zero growth of pesticides consumption till 2020, more effort is set for the development of biopesticides to lessen the dependence on harmful chemical pesticides and enhance sustainable agriculture in the second largest agriculture of the world. Hence, the topic is becoming widely mentioned in China, for example in the recently issued Catalogue of Key Products and Services in Strategic Emerging Industries (2016). The issue, published by the National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China, investigates 8 industries including equipment manufacturing and the bio industry. The development of biopesticides is one of the topics in the catalogue.

According to CCM, the share of biopesticides in China of the use of total pesticide was stated at 1.7% in 2014. This tiny share even represents a drop by 0.11% points compared to 2010, where the share of biopesticides reached 1.81%.

However, the reason for the lack of biopesticides use in China can’t be found in the lack of research. As a fact, China has recently claimed the first rank in the field of biopesticides research and development worldwide. As a result, the country already possesses a complete system of biopesticides, including microbial pesticides, biochemical pesticides, botanical pesticides, agricultural antibiotics, and biological pest control, according to CCM’s research.

The main problem in the development of biopesticides in China lays in the commercialization of potential products. China’s research institutes are working very theoretical without a real connection to the industry itself. Hence, many of the theoretical approved potential products never find the way out of the lab into real development. This represents a huge difference to other developed countries, who work closely with the pesticides industry and are able to bring many of their research results into market launches.

Despite the relatively weak commercialization, China’s registration of biopesticides is rising continuously. Especially the registration of microbial pesticides is facing a large increase in the current time.

Valid registrations of biopesticides in China, as of early Feb. 2017


Source: Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture

Number of biopesticide formulations applying for field tests in China, as of early Feb. 2017


Source: Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture

The biggest problem for China’s pesticides manufacturers is the low awareness among Chinese farmers regarding the use and benefits of biopesticides. Such farmers are still poorly informed about the right use of pesticides for their crops, which leads to the use of highly dangerous pesticides for the wrong crops and the wrong usage in sight of the amount, security and frequency. This is where China’s manufacturers are trying to break into the market with new services and education.

As a matter of fact, many manufacturers in China have elevated their efforts to promote bio pesticides to the farmers. According to CCM’s research, Jiangxi New Dragon Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Tianren Ecology Co., Ltd. developed a brand new “biopesticides + agricultural aviation services” business pattern, which not only meets the demands of Chinese farmers but also is promising to generate great profits to distributors.

In the meanwhile, the Chinese government has also implemented a series of beneficial policies for the biopesticide business. Besides to the previous bespoke issue of the Catalogue of Key Products and Services in Strategic Emerging Industries (2016), the Highlights for Crop Farming Industry 2017, released by the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China, also deals with the development of bio-pesticides in China and as a result put forward the expansion of the pilot subsidisation program for low toxicity biopesticides.

With the increasing effort of manufacturers and government, the pesticides industry in China is likely to make great use of the use potential of biopesticides soon, which offers great opportunities for foreign sellers and investors to get a piece of the cake in China’s growing market.

GFIA 2017

What’s more, the Global forum for innovations in agriculture (GFIA 2017) will be held on May 9 – 10 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This special event is famous for being dedicated to showcasing innovations in sustainable agriculture across all types of food production. Furthermore, the GFIA brings together stakeholders right along the value chain to facilitate collaboration at large. At all, GFIA’s consists of a global network of 40+ partners and a major component of the audience will come from the emerging markets of Africa and Asia.

Whether you want to increase yields, save water, improve livestock health, or meet the challenges of climate change, there are hundreds of solution providers exhibiting at GFIA Europe with working products to help you improve the productivity of your farm, agri-business or sustainable agtech programme. Visit the exhibition to meet representatives of global players like Bayer AG, the Coca-Cola Company, Syngenta, and CEMA - European Agricultural Machinery.

As an exhibition dedicated to sustainable development of agriculture, all kinds of innovations in biopesticides will we recognised with huge interest, which is a great opportunity for manufacturers or traders of biopesticides worldwide.

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