China’s large pesticide manufacturer Weifang Rainbow expands production significantly 04-10-2017

Pesticide manufacturer and supplier Weifang Rainbow from China has announced four big projects to enhance business growth and competitiveness. The four projects are dealing with production expansions of mainly herbicides, the core business of China's third largest glyphosate exporter.


As one of the biggest pesticides player in China, for example ranking as third largest glyphosate exporter from China in 2016 and in the top three nationwide in export volume of pesticides and plant protection products, Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical plays a significant role in China’s pesticides market. Especially the herbicide market, Weifang rainbow’s first and strongest pesticide segment, is influenced by the company. Now, the executives have announced massive production expansions of the core business herbicides.


The production expansions are mainly targeting top sellers like dicamba, MCPA, diclosulam, and glyphosate. Market intelligence firm CCM gives an overview of the different projects and the effect on Weifang Rainbow.



Weifang Rainbow has already started a new dicamba TC project in 2013, marked by an annual production capacity of 1,000 tonnes per year. This trial project was approved regarding environmental standards in 2016. Following this approval, the company has announced to start a second project of the same dicamba production capacity. Hence, when the second project will be put into action, the new dicamba production capacity per year will reach 2,000 years.



Similar to the dicamba projects, Weifang Rainbow also has launched a new production project of MCPA earlier, whose construction has been finished in April 2016. In addition to this new plant, the company plans to build another facility for MCPA production. Both projects are aiming for an annual capacity of 1,000 tonnes each, which marks the MCPA projects in the exact same scale as the dicamba projects.



Weifang Rainbow has also announced a general herbicides formulation project for its current factories to increase enterprise transformation and upgrading. The project aims to enable a production capacity rise of 47,000 tonnes per year. The different herbicides that are in the focus on this huge project are mainly diclosulam, 4-Chloro-3-methylphenol, phenoxy carboxylic acid esters, water soluble granule, and a lot of high-end liquid formulations.


According to the company, the project will be divided into 2 stages. In the first stage, the production of 32,000 tonnes of high-end liquid formulations, 10,000 tonnes phenoxy carboxylic acid ester, as well as 3,200 tonnes water soluble granule will be added to the production of existing factories. The second stage of the project will turn into action after the environmental approval of the current production.


Green and efficient plant protection products project

The fourth announced production project by Weifang Rainbow involves a 120,000 t/a green and efficient plant protection products project. The company plans to construct a 120,000 t/a green and efficient plant protection products project in its north factory, starting with phase one formulations project. According to CCM, the main structure involves an amount of 20,000 tonnes per year of glyphosate solid formulations, 60,000 KL per year glyphosate liquid formulations, 15,000 tonnes per year broadleaf herbicide formulations, 10,000 tonnes per year grain farm herbicide solid formulations, and 10,000 tonnes per year grain farm herbicide liquid formulations and the supporting facilities.


Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical Co., Ltd.

Rainbow Chemical is one of the largest agrochemical manufacturers and traders in China, with its strategic management, R&D centre and operation headquarters in Jinan City, Shandong province, P.R. China. Rainbow Chemical owns five manufacturing bases around the world.


The new projects have been announced after the company revealed the strategy to optimise the capital structure and enhance stimulating the business growth to improve competitiveness, especially in international markets. On the financial side, the company has offered a non-public offering to gather the necessary capital for the ambitious plans.


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