China's Guangdong Province reveals measurements for pesticide usage optimisation 04-18-2017

The local government in Guangdong Province has revealed the plan to put China's plan for zero growth in pesticides usage for their province into action. The main measurements are regarding building demonstration bases to promote large-scale prevention and technologically advanced machinery usage.

In order to increase the efficiency of agriculture and avoid extensive pollution of water and farmland, China’s government is working on the zero growth in the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers till 2020. While the government in Beijing is giving the overall directions, the local authorities in the provinces have to carry out the ideas in form of actual plans and measurements.

One of the key measurements contains guiding and educating China’s farmers on a scientific and rational use of pesticides, in order to improve the utilisation rate and using sustainable and low-toxic chemicals. The local agricultural authorities are supposed to enhance the communication and coordination in order to achieve the zero growth in the use of pesticides.

According to market intelligence firm CCM, the authorities in China’s economically important southern region Guangdong have released their plan to achieve the zero growth of pesticides use till 2020.The focus is set hereby on green prevention, large-scale pest and rice prevention, as well as the pesticide utilisation rate.

One of the main measurements is the establishment of demonstration bases for green prevention and control technology as well as for controlling fruits, vegetables, and tea planting. The demonstration bases are supposed to increase the possibility of large-scale prevention for crops and ensure the right medical treatment in case of pest occurrences.


Another major point regards the upgrading of machinery in order to ensure a high efficiency of pesticide usage. Therefore, several agribusiness cooperation demonstration bases have been built to promote a direct-supply-and-selling mode of medical equipment for manufacturers and farmers. The authorities hope for decreasing production costs and higher technology use in farming.

The local government is furthermore separating the specific education and control system promotion for farmers in high developed areas and farmers and slower developing areas. For the farmers in the fast developing area, unified prevention for the whole village is going to be promoted, which will last for several years. Slower developing areas will witness the focus on promoting different choices of prevention for a short period of time as a trial to convince farmers of the benefits.

The new policy has come to effect officially in April. The corresponding authorities are ordered to carry out the activities in a scheduled plan, starting with technical training courses and promotion of zero growth pesticides use. Later, the supervision systems will be implemented and by the end of the year the improvement will be gathered and analysed.

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