Pyribenzoxim is likely to witness a boom in China in the next years 04-24-2017

Pyribenzoxim is witnessing a growing number of registrants in China, a boom in global market value, and weakening efficiency of common herbicides in China. Hence, the conditions are in favour of boosting the consumption of this herbicide in China’s near future.

Pyribenzoxim compound was firstly registered in China by Lucky Chemical in the year 1994. The company started to register pyribenzoxim 95% TC in 2000 and followed one year later with pyribenzoxim EC. Pyribenzoxim compound was patented in China until 2014 when it expired. It was applied for the planting of rice.

Later in 2010, another company, LG Life Sciences, has secured the registrations of pyribenzoxim in China to use it against gramineae weeds and broadleaf weeds. This company has been the only registrant of pyribenzoxim TC in China for seven years.

In 2016, the repacking permission of 5% pyribenzoxim EC by Heilongjiang expired, opening opportunities for more manufacturers to place a footstep into the new promising product for China’s herbicide market. 

In March 2017, the valuable market opportunity was recognized by three companies in China, leading to the registration of pyribenzoxim 95% and 96% technical. The registrants are Jiangsu Flag, Anhui Dangshan, and Mesa Tech International.

It is worth notable, that pyribenzoxim formulations has three registrants in China currently, while two more are in the possession of repacking registrations.

The aforementioned information may suggest, that pyribenzoxim has merely got any attention in China so far. However, there are several indicators, beside the three more companies registering for pyribenzoxim technical, that reveal the opportunities this herbicide will have in China in the near future.

First of all, even there is only a small number of registrations until now, the number of field tests for pyribenzoxim was sky rocking during the last 7 years. According to market intelligence firm CCM, a total number of 80 field test applications has been carried out in that period. Notable, field tests are normally the first step towards a successful registration for pesticides.

What’s more, China’s agriculture is marked by an intense use of the same pesticides over the last decades. The lacking variety of different pesticides for crop protection has enabled a fast growing resistant of many pests and weeds in the country. The weakening efficiency of traditional herbicides in China have left only a few herbicides left to kill agrostis and leersia weeds in paddy fields.

The rare use of pyribenzoxim in China at the moment has giving this herbicide a much better use against weeds than many of the regular used ones. Hence, this herbicide is very likely to face a broad market prospect in China in the next years, of which many domestic players want to get their share.

The global market value of pyribenzoxim in 2012 has been USD1.34 million, according to CCM’s research. Up to now, the market value has risen to more than USD33.85 million, which shows the boosting demand worldwide. The leading countries are hereby Chile and Thailand, while China has a lot of potential to growing fast.

About pyribenzoxim

Pyribenzoxim is a new post-emergent rice herbicide with particularly strong activity against Barnyard grass. It has excellent activity against broad spectrum of annual and perennial paddy rice weeds, especially Barnyard grass and broadleaf weeds with a wide application window. This herbicide also has selectivity to turf grass and winter cereals.

It belongs to the unclassified herbicides and is a non-competitive inhibitor of ALS. The pestiticide can be mixed with post-emergent ALS inhibitors as well as pre-emergence amide.

According to, pyribenzoxim is not listed in acute toxicity, cancer information, endocrine disruption, reproductive and developmental toxicity, as well as chemicals of special concern.

About CCM

CCM is the leading market intelligence provider for China’s agriculture, chemicals, food & ingredients and life science markets.

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