Survey of Metolachlor in China 2018 08-28-2018

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This report presents an overview of China's supply and demand of metolachlor which is a selective herbicide, as well as forecast on the future trends. 

Metolachlor is featured by broad weeding spectrum, high effectiveness and wide applications. The metolachlor industry in China had a fast expansion in 2017, while it was relatively stable in 2015 and 2016. Specifically, from 2015 to 2016, the capacity of metolachlor technical was stable in China, while it increased a lot in 2017. Therefore, the output of metolachlor technical in China increased accordingly. However, the supply of metolachlor technical in China has become relatively tight in 2017 due to increasing demand from overseas market and stringent environmental inspection at home. It's worth to note that there are two potential metolachlor projects undergoing in China, one by Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals Co., Ltd. and the other by Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical Co., Ltd. , with capacities of 1,000 t/a and 5,000 t/a respectively. As for the price, in 2017, the annual ex-works price of 97% metolachlor technical increased to about USD3,755.85/t, increasing by about USD150/t compared with that in 2016. In Feb. 2018, the ex-works price of metolachlor technical even rose to USD4,679.20/t in China.

What's the detailed development situation of the industry behind these statistics? What are the driving factors and barriers? How will the industry go in the future years? This report will illustrate the details for readers through the following aspects: 

- Product registration under the Institute for Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture, as of Aug. 2018

- Production situation (capacity, output and key producers), 2015–H1 2018

- Prices of metolachlor technical by month and annual, 2015–July 2018

- Export analysis, 2014–2017

- Domestic consumption, 2013–2017

- Forecast on supply and demand, 2018–2022

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