Dongyue Polymer to launch 20,000t fluoropolymer project 05-29-2019

Recently, Dongyue Polymer announced its plan to expand its capacities of PTFE concentrated emulsion and dispersion resin. According to the plan, the project will be located in Huantai County, Zibo City, with a total investment of RMB 755,072,500. The main task of this project is to build a device for production of 10,000t/a PTFE dispersion resin, a device for production of 10,000t/a PTFE concentrated emulsion, two sets of device for production of 12,000t/a PTFE as well as two sets of device for production of 30,000t/a chlorodifuoromethane along with commonly-shared auxiliary facilities and reserve facilities. Based on the schedule, the project is due to begin in July, 2019 and will be completed in June, 2021.


The project is expected to create high economic value

The construction of the project contains a device for PTFE concentrated emulsion, a production plant for PTFE concentrated emulsion, a device for PTFE dispersion resin, a production plant for PTFE dispersion resin, two sets of equipment for TFE, two production plants for TFE, two production departments for chlorodifuoromethane as well as a water purifier, an intelligent control center. Furthermore, an incinerator, a storage area of raw materials and completed products, a monomer tank area, and a warehouse of dangerous chemicals.


With excellent temperature performance and chemical stability, the fluoropolymer produced in this project is in great demand in Europe, America, the Middle East, Australia, and Southeast Asia. The annual average operating income is predicted to reach RMB 938,461,500 with the annual average profit of RMB 238,417,700 after the completion of the project, which is marked as a high economic value.


Dongyue Polymer owns one of the best Chinese PTFE production bases

Dongyue Polymer, a subsidiary corporation of Dongyue Group, lies in Dongyue Fluorosilicone Material Industrial Park. Established in November, 2001, Dongyue Polymer has developed itself in a remarkable way. At present, it owns one of the best production bases of PTFE in China. In 2003, Dongyue Polymer was confirmed as Key High-tech Enterprise in Shandong. In the next year, the products from the series of PTFE of the company were rated as „Shandong Famous Brand”. Also, the PTFE was listed into the key Torch Project in China in 2015.


The company engages itself in the technological development of PTEF with a high capacity. With an initiation of technological innovation and technological improvement, Dongyue Polymer breaks through a design concept of creating over 10000t/a PTFE and invents a whole set of technology for the production of more than 10000t/a PTFE. The company also has a great achievement in the production of PTFE biaxial oriented film as well as materials of electrical film.


At the moment, Dongyue Polymer conducts several production projects, such as 3000t/a PTFE project, profound processing project of TFE, 7300t/a PTFE project, 18000t/a R125 project, 10000 t/a PTFE suspension resin project, 7000t/a PTFE project and 3000t/a heptafluoropropane project. There are three projects under construction, which are three-effect evaporation condensation water treatment project, comprehensive water treatment and reuse project and 2000 tons/day reclaimed water reuse project.


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