Shandong launches inspection of dangerous chemical manufactories in 8 cities 06-10-2019

The emergency department of Shandong announced to send eight teams monitoring hazardous chemical manufactures in Dongying, Zibo, Weifang, and other five cities where those chemical manufactures are located.

Each checking team spends 10 days on the inspection in each city from May 21 to May 31. At least one chemical factory should be inspected in those counties (cities or districts). At least two chemical factories should be inspected in the counties where dangerous chemicals are mainly produced. Insaiders claim that more than ten dangerous chemical manufactories should be the target of inspection. The inspection will take one day for each of them, but it may take longer for bigger-sized manufactories.

In principle, the manufactories which are listed in the plan of inspection for work safety in the year by the emergency department should be given priority to have a spot check. Furthermore, the government should primarily pay attention to those which had accidents of production safety last year, those which have been reported and complained by public, and those which have potential to cause safety accidents recently.

The inspection mainly involves the following aspects: manufactories’ work report on chemical technology, the types of dangerous chemicals, and the locations of major hazard installations; the precaution against leaking, poisoning and explosion; the recognition of hidden dangers and safety issues; education and training on dangerous chemicals; contractor management; and emergency management.

Haozhi Zhao, the director of the Emergency Department of Shandong, says that once officers find out that some manufacturer is committing illegal acts, they will instantly give a notification to the manufacturer then immediately conduct an investigation and collect relevant evidence so that they can impose simple punishment on the site. If officers discover there is a potential danger for causing serious accidents, the manufacturer will be faced with the cancellation of its business license.

69 manufactories get punished as result of the inspection

The emergency department of shandong released a message on May 31 that the inspection of dangerous chemical manufactories in 8 cities in shandong is finished. According to the result, 80 chemical manufactories were inspected, among which 5 factories are suspended, and a total of 1,682 issues were found at the manufactories. In terms of the 1,682 issues, 187 notices of rectification are issued by the emergency department and 154 legal violations are documented. Punishment are imposed for 69 manufactories.

It is found that three main problems exist in the majority of the chemical manufactories. First, the responsibility system of work safety is not fully implemented. Workers at these factories have a bad understanding of assessing levels of danger. Some manufactories lack the awareness of protecting workers from accidents. The labor protection articles which workers are equipped with are not in standard. It is noticed that some workers did not use them for safety during the inspection. Workers in some manufactories do not receive any training of work safety and as a result, their unfamiliarity of the knowledge of work safety may lead to the lack of ability of dealing with emergency when accidents happen.

Second, the safety control of manufactories needs to be strengthened. Some do not follow rules when they conduct operations. Some employees work with dangerous chemicals without licenses. Third, the maintenance of the safety devices is not enough. The management system of particular manufactories is informal. Despite the fact that the safety devices have already been assembled at the manufactories, regular check and maintenance are not provided. Alarms for LEL and poisoning gas are not updated, and the alarm value is usually set by mistakes.

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