Noctuid moths invade China causing great loss of crops 06-16-2019

The population of noctuid moths has been spreading at a high speed in grassland around China this year. A total of 342 acres of grassland in 18 provinces have suffered from the damage done by June 6. Noctuid moth, globally alerted by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), is considered as one of the cross-border migratory pests. This type of pest mainly damages corns, sugarcane, sorghum and other crops. Nearly 100 countries have alreaady suffered from this problem.

The pest started to invade Yunan and Guangxi provinces in January, coming from Southeast Asian countries. It is anticipated that a great number of noctuid moths will migrate from the North of China to huang-huai-hai region and its northern area from June to August with the summer monsoon getting stronger, posing a great threat to corn.

On June 5, the Chinese government held an executive meeting, pointing out the measures to control the great number of noctuid moths. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Finance funded RMB 500,000,000 for emergency control of noctuid moth in disaster area.

On June 6, the General Office of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued an emergency brief to the agricultural departments around the countries, strengthening the monitoring system at all spots, paying high attention to damages corns, sugarcane, sorghum and other crops which are sensitive to the pest.

Chinese government recommends 25 insecticide products regarding Emergency control

China has recently lacked an efficient cure for noctuid moths. As a result, the expert group of General Office of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs listed the following measures based on their discussion according to regulations on the control of agricultural chemicals.

First, specify the types of emergency insecticide products. In terms of the principle of efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness, the Chinese government recommended 25 insecticide products after the expert group's discussion. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs should choose the recommended insecticides to farmers.

Second, strengthen the control of emergency insecticide products. The agricultural department in different places should supervise enterprises, strengthening casual inspections, and impose relevant punishment in accordance of the law on those which commit illegal acts such as selling fake insecticide products so as to ensure the quality of these products. 

Third, improve the guidance service of these products. The agricultural department should enhance the monitoring and early warning system for noctuid moths and provide more training classes for farmers. Guidance should be offered on the spot so that farmers have a chance of learning how to choose an appropriate insecticide product according to the circumstances. Farmers also needs to pay more attention to the crops with insecticides. Once they find that the crops are growing unhealthy under the treatment of insecticide, actions have to be taken immediately such as reporting it to the local agricultural department.

Fourth, restrict the time of using insecticides. Famers should use emergency insecticide products for the regular period of noctuid moth and the need for its control. It is temporarily regulated that the time of using these products is to December 31, 2020.

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