Zhengzhou Jinpeng finishes the publicity of EIS regarding its new expansion of thiodicarb TC, lufenuron TC, pirimicarb TC and carboxin TC 06-23-2019

On June 3, 2019, Zhengzhou Jinpeng Chemicals Industrial Co., Ltd. (Zhengzhou Jinpeng) completed publicizing its Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) regarding the expansion of production capacity of thiodicarb TC, lufenuron TC, pirimicarb TC and carboxin TC. The duration of publicity lasted for 14 days, starting from May 17, 2019 to May 30, 2019. What follows next is the preparation for documents in order for the government to approve. However, this is going to be a challenge for the company due to the on-going supply-side reform in China, as well as the stricter environmental protection and safety policy for the pesticide industry in the country.

Zhengzhou Jinpeng expressed that for the sake of better development and stronger competitiveness, the company introduced advanced automated production equipment in the expansion project. In the meanwhile, a new production base will be built on the east side of the existing one.


The new expansion project includes thiodicarb TC, lufenuron TC, pirimicarb TC and carboxin TC

The project aims at expanding production capacity of thiodicarb TC, lufenuron TC, pirimicarb TC and carboxin TC and upgrading technological facilities.

According to the project, based on the existing production capacity of 400t/a, 2,000t/a thiodicarb TC will be expanded. Meanwhile, 400t/a lufenuron TC, 200t/a pirimicarb TC and 200t/a carboxin TC will be also added. Among all the products, thiodicarb TC is the company’s main product with advantage, while lufenuron TC, pirimicarb TC and carboxin TC are new arrivals. Apart from that, Zhengzhou Jinpeng has already mastered the techniques of producing lufenuron TC, pirimicarb TC and carboxin TC, with official Pesticide Registration Certificates.

As for facilities, a combination of storage, transportation and environment protection will be under construction. Zhengzhou Jinpeng once expressed that under the influence of the strict policies of safety, environmental protection and pesticide management, Chinese companies are confronted with greater challenges and pressures in order to survive and become one of the top plazers in the pesticide market. Nowadays, the high standards of management raised by the Chinese government in the aspects of chemical industrial zones and project construction imposes a direct impact on the development of Chinese pesticide industry. Hence, the facilities upgrade is absolutely of great necessity in terms of the future development of the company. Once the new facilities are put into production, the company’s market share, technique level, product competitiveness, market competitiveness, production scale, sustainable capacity, and production efficiency will be correspondingly increased.


Zhengzhou Jinpeng faces strong competitors, such as Hunan Haili and Jiangsu Changlong

Zhengzhou jinpeng is a designated private company approved by the Chinese agricultural department. Aiming at low toxicity, high efficiency, and environmental protection, the company engages itself in development of agricultural chemicals. As one of the top agrochemical enterprises with production of carbamate pesticides in China, Zhengzhou Jinpeng has its main products, thiodicarb, in the lead of the market. The products are exported to 40 countries and areas in the world, including North America, South America, Southeast Asia as well as Eastern Europe.

However, Zhengzhou jinpeng meets its competitors in the thiodicarb TC market, especially Hunan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Changlong Agrochemical Co., Ltd. (Changlong Agrochemical). In 2018 Changlong Agrochemical conducted a production project, where 4,000t/a thiodicarb TC was produced with steady production conditions and increasing productivity rates. In the end, 523 tonnes of thiodicarb TC were produced in 2018 and 297 tonnes of Q1 were achieved in 2019. Despites all these facts, Zhengzhou Jinpeng is still confident about its future in the thiodicarb TC market, saying that the production expansion will be very beneficial to the company.

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