Likely less supply of chemicals from Dezhou City in Shandong Province due to new safety policy 06-27-2019

On June 6, 2019, the Safety Production Committee of People's Government in Dezhou City, Shandong Province issued a Notice on Further Strengthening Safety Management Measures for Chemical Industrial Parks (Notice). According to the Notice, an inspection and rectification against insidious danger in chemical industrial parks will be fully executed all around the city. Furthermore, investigations on unsound safety administrative setup, defective safety facilities and imperfect administrative measures will also be completely taken in the city. By the end of June 2020, all rectification should meet the required standards.

As the Notice demonstrates, chemical industrial parks that are located in sensitive points such as schools, hospitals and resident areas, and that fail to be in line with the security protection distance, will be required to move out within the commitment time. Labour-intensive non-chemical enterprises that are located inside a chemical industrial park will be confronted with a relocation or industry conversion. By the end of this year, access control systems and video surveillance systems will be improved in order to strengthen the management of personnel and vehicles in a chemical industrial park. Besides, a measure of speed control within certain time will be taken in terms of the vehicles with dangerous chemicals.

Chemical industrial parks with accidents causing serious impacts to face disqualification

Due to the fact that the factories in China tend to be grouped in Shandong Province, safety management is of great significance. There were also production accidents that took place in Dezhou before. Dating back to 2007 in Dezhou, a workshop of Deqilong Chemical Group Co., Ltd. had an explosion during an expansion project of 160 million t/a ammonia alcohol and 250 million t/a urea, causing 9 deaths and injuring 1 victim. In 2014, an explosion in a chemical plant located in Pingyuan County, Dezhou City caused 2 deaths and 7 injuries.

Hence, according to the new policy, punishment for accidents taking place in a chemical industrial park will become stricter. For a chemical industrial park where a serious production accident happens, its application for any new construction projects or expansion projects will be denied within one year, except for those regarding the rectification against hidden danger or polluted environment. For a chemical industrial park where a huge production accident leading to a serious impact takes place, qualification of the park will be immediately cancelled.

Dezhou City to implement connected safety and risk control supervision

In the aspect of safety and risk control, all projects with uncontrollable risk will be strictly forbidden in terms of safety. What’s more, projects with low capacity and huge safety problems will be also restricted. Only projects of technological transformation that can improve the safety during production will be encouraged.

In the meanwhile, enterprises suffering from high risk will be withdrawn from a chemical industrial park. Enterprises that have a bad rate and not yet make any rectification will face a shutdown within a definite time.

Besides, by the end of 2019, big data and Internet of Things will be used to integrate information resources, such as risk control, safety inspection and chemicals production. The integration of online monitoring system, dynamic control, risk warning as well as emergency command is very helpful for the improvement in production intelligence and management modernization of a chemical industrial park.

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