Production Accidents and Influences on Agrochemical Industry in China 06-28-2019

Last year, about the same period of time, pollution accident occurred in Lianyungang Chemical Industrial Park in Jiangsu Province; this year, the province underwent a major explosion accident.

It seems that Jiangsu always has to face challenges of serious safety problems in production. On 27 April, the provincial government officially issued the Improvement Scheme for Work Safety and Environmental Protection in Chemical Industry in Jiangsu Province. The previously issued consultation paper for this scheme proposed that the total number of chemical parks in the province shall be reduced to 20 from 50, chemical enterprises be cut down to 2,000 and eventually reduced to 1,000 by the end of 2020. Jiangsu being the largest pesticide supplier in China, measures taken by local government have attracted great attention in the industry.

The explosion accident in Xiangshui County has great impact on China’s chemical industry, which brings about transformation in chemical market, enterprises and chemical parks. At present, various provinces are conducting safety investigation on almost all chemical parks. Meanwhile, many substandard enterprises are to be eliminated. Quite a few agrochemical products, especially some herbicides and fungicides, suffered from tight supply and saw rising prices. Undoubtedly, enterprises doing well in safety production will enjoy more favorable conditions, while enterprises lacking safety production specifications will inevitably go through rectification or be forced to shut down. The year 2019 will witness safety production becoming the top priority in the eyes of agrochemical enterprises. It is believed that these accidents will trigger a safety production reform in agrochemical industry.

In order to find out what causes the accidents and how those accidents are influencing on agrochemical industry, CCM has done a lot of research from the following aspects,

√ Major accidents in chemical enterprises in March–April 2019
√ Main causes of accidents in chemical enterprises
√ Countermeasures of local governments
√ Major influences on agrochemical enterprises

√ Major influences on agrochemical products

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