Survey of Pesticide Industry in China 2018 06-28-2019

China is a large pesticide supplier in the world, engaged in producing a wide variety of pesticides. In recent years, China's pesticide industry has heavily influenced by the government's policies and regulations. It's worthy to note that, in 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China issued The Action Plan for Zero Growth in the Application of Fertilizer and Pesticide by 2020. This policy has driven down the supply and demand of chemical pesticides these years. During 2017–2018, many more policies and regulations concerning environmental protection had been introduced, mainly targeting pesticide industry, including Measures for the Administration of the Recovery and Disposal of Pesticide Packaging Waste (Consultation Paper), three-year action plan for cleaner air, Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the People's Republic of China. It's believed that the output of chemical pesticides as well as the demand will be on the decrease continually in China in the future.

In 2017, driven by policies, prices of pesticides witnessed sharp increases, and some pesticides technical were in short supply in China. The pesticide industry boomed significantly, which can be evidenced by the top 100 pesticide enterprises' great improving performance. In 2017, the top 100 pesticide enterprises enjoyed a total revenue amounting to about USD24.07 billion (RMB154.26 billion), increasing by 40.40% year on year, an increase of 34.59 percentage points over the previous year. The last enterprise in the list of top 100 pesticide enterprises had revenue of USD60.47 million (RMB387.5 million), rising by 27.89% year on year. By contrast, the output and demand of pesticide products have genrally witnessed downtrend these years. 

So as to explore the history and future of pesticide industry in China, CCM has done deep research on this field. Many reports on pesticide products have been generated during 2017–2018. Those reports have been collected to compile the 2018 edition, which is based on Survey of Pesticide Industry in China 2017, too. In the Survey of Pesticide Industry in China 2018, the following information will be unfolded to you:

Historical market analysis—a full market commentary provides a comprehensive understanding of Chinese pesticide industry. The development information is presented in a broad range of ways, such as supply, key producers and price. In this report, CCM chose 15 pesticides for deep research and those pesticides were highly paid attention to in pesticide industry in 2017–2018 according to CCM's investigation.

And the whole trend of pesticide industry in China has been unfolded in this report from the following aspects:

- Supply and demand
- Policies and regulations
- Production and key suppliers in China's pesticide industry
- Key commercial affairs in pesticide market in China
- Crop cultivation

- Price trend of pesticides in China

View more information in our new report <Survey of Pesticide Industry in China 2018>

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